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A new acquaintance

I remember reading a poll in a Women’s magazine where they asked which invention, done by a man; women thought had benefited them the most. I actually think nylon stockings came in first place! I seriously, to this day, can’t figure out why. My theory is that when women started wearing stockings the skirt lengths could shorten and that this, in some twisted way, would have empowered women to dress the way they pleased. Can this be it? Even as I write it, it sounds silly.

The second and third places in the poll were occupied by the vacuum cleaner and the tampon. This I can understand! I think tampons are brilliant, but since the world is evolving, or should I say that today we rather want to go back to our roots, there are new alternatives popping up on the sky of menstruation towels.

I have for many years known about the moon cup, which is like a reusable tampon. Or not really, because there are these fabric tampons that you wash and use again and the moon cup is nothing like that. The cup is like the name says a plastic container that collects all the fluid. You use it, take it out, wash it and reuse it. Simple. (I must say that I’ve never actually tried it and I haven’t tried the ecology friendly tampons either, shame on me, but feel free to google it and try it for yourself. At least Helsinki should have some stores selling them.)

Well to get to the point: A friend of mine recently told me that she was using fabric sanitary towels. You sow them out of felt fabric, in two layers with a hole in the bottom layer so that you can insert some more fabric in between the two felt layers. Hmm, hope you got that… The advantage to this is of course environmental, but not just that, they are said to be more confortable and reduce smell as well.

So my thought is this: should I ditch my tampons and panty liners for the more environmental friendly option of reusable tampons and towels? The only major problem I have with this idea is the question of storage. If you have to change them when at work, what do you do with the dirty ones? Do you keep them in your bag for the whole day or do you try to wash them right then and there?



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Ever since reaching puberty I’ve been fighting an uneven battle with my body hair.

First I must make a very generalising comment, that is entirely my own: I firmly believe that 80% of women who do not shave their legs are blond or have reduced hair growth. No one else in their right mind can say that hairy legs are good looking, or hairy armpits or that it’s cute that a woman has a tiny little moustache. I know that we are being brainwashed by a beauty ideal that is unnatural but I could not care less!

So I have tried; shaving, waxing, hair removal products, bleaching and cutting off my hair (but not the laser thing – not that I would not like to try, it’s just so expensive), some treatments more effective than others. I just recently started waxing and I noticed that the hairs on my legs stopped growing after only one treatment! Success at last! But since waxing is such a sticky job and takes such a long time I have now bought an epilator.

Even before turning it on, the epilator looks quite scary, but after pushing the on-button they turn into Alien on drugs, teeth chewing at your legs at the speed of a small race car. But after I had gained the courage to actually test it on my legs it was not so bad. I do seem to have a high threshold for pain but I must say that it was a lot better than waxing.

The negative thing is that it does not take all hairs and that it does not manage to pull up every strand by the root. But I’m still looking forward to testing it on my bikini line! (Waxing has rather had the opposite effect there than it has on my legs…)


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Christmas is a time for watching TV. You will most likely find me slouched down on the couch with a huge box of chocolates for the entire holidays. It’s kind of a Christmas tradition, I did it ten years ago and I will probably continue doing it until my dying days, or until I’m forced to make dinner for myself, whichever comes first.

However, the quality of TV programs of today (or should I say the lack of programs) have become a, how should I put it, a marmalade heart in my otherwise perfect chocolate selection. Previously, I was happy flicking through the channels, watching old reruns of Loveboat or Little house on the prairie. And after a while I was bound to encounter a classic movie by the name of say: Clueless or Legally Blonde. So I could spend my afternoons, happily dozing of during commercials.

Todays TV is a totally different story. The introduction of mobile phones to our society has given the TV producers new inventive ways to rob people of their money. As TV-shop seem to attract an, how to put it, older clientele, the new phone games have become increasingly popular. So from 1pm to around 4pm every day, the only thing showing on TV is some girl in a bikini trying to dodge digital footballs that are thrown at her by some invisible teenager who is spending his parent’s earnings on a stupid TV based video game.

It is frustrating! What am I to do? Even TV-shop was better than this!

My alternative is watching the second season of Heroes.

And oh how I love Heroes. I’ve been reluctant to watch the second season even though I’ve had it on my computer for quite some time now. You know how the first season is all new and exiting and how the second season can seem like somewhat of a repetition of what you already know. It becomes too predictable.

The second alternative to the season two phenomena is what I would like to call: the less-clothes-higher-ratings policy. This is when the producers are getting chicken, thinking; there is no way the second season will be as popular as the first one, we have to turn to desperate measures. As an example of this I can take Roswell. Do you remember the fabulous sci-fi series where Katherine Heigl (Izzie of Grey’s anatomy) was first spotted? Of course you do 😉 Well anyway, in the second season you suddenly noticed a trend about the actors and actresses (in particular the latter of the two) in that they were wearing less and less clothes. Suddenly Roswell had become very hot, everyone was sweating and had to remove a shirt or at least show their mid riff to get some relief. In my opinion, a show that has to turn to such desperate measures to ensure continued high ratings has lowered its standards too much.

Fortunately this is not the case of Heroes. Even though Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Peter Petrelli in the series, needs to take off his shirt surprisingly often, nothing else has really changed since the last season. And seeing the bare upper torso of Milo is nothing that I would find that disturbing, if I may say so 😉

The only unfortunate thing is the continued strike of the writers of the series. It has forced Heroes to take a break after only 11 episodes!! (And if you didn’t know it, almost all other TV-shows produced in the states are now threathened by this strike. Soon there will be nothing to watch!) I am saddened by this as it will take me less than a week to watch all episodes AND because I don’t know the ending! I will probably suffer a nervous breakdown before someone in the US finds a way to solve this problem. Don’t they consider how this will affect the image of their country? The best way to brainwash a people is through TV and now we are forced to watch more and more Finnish and British series. How will this end for USA? Can we ever learn to trust them again?


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Merry Christmas!

I want to take this oppurtunity to wish everyone of my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Christmas is a season for competing with your neighbours and relatives. There are lots of different fields in which you can show your superiority:

1. The tree. Above you see a before and after picture of our Christmas tree. It looks pretty good doesn’t it! So good in fact, that my parents couldn’t stop praising it the whole Christmas eve, when we had my mothers relatives over for dinner. There is, you see, a friendly competition going on, on whom of my relatives have the nicest looking Christmas tree. And if there would be some poor soul who had chopped down a real looser (branches that are scrawny and far apart, thin on the verge of being a mere pole in the ground, loosing its needles even before Christmas day) then everyone in the family are allowed to relentlessly mock the tree and its owner. This year we are sure to win the award of best looking tree. (Although you get some handicap points if you have gone out into the forest to chop one down instead of doing like we did, just go shopping for one…)

2. Light fixtures. My father and my youngest aunt’s husband were going at it like mad men a couple of years ago. It came to a point when their wives had to intervene, so that their houses wouldn’t look like something out of a bad American Christmas movie. My aunt’s family even had Rudolf standing on their lawn, glowing red nose and all…

3. Eating. This is an individual sport which I’m not very good at. Yesterday I only had one plate of fish and one of meat, quite pathetic really! A true big eater should eat until he cannot unbutton his trousers anymore in fear of looking indecent.


This is last nights Christmas table. It includes, from the left hand corner: mashed Swedish turnip, Thai meatballs, three kinds of liver pâté, potatoes, read-cabbage salad, butter fried carrots, ham, turkey, salmon-avocado mixture on black-bread, rolls of Baltic herring, pickled Baltic herring in lemon and in juniper and in the middle we have salmon rolls and herring salad together with a sauce for the ham and turkey. Oh and there are two items missing: mashed oven baked carrots and chicken filets with bacon, apple and plums.

Ok, so I’m still quite full… but happy. Today we are going to see my father’s relatives and eat some more 🙂


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Review: I am legend

(Don’t worry, I wont reveal what happens in the end of the movie.)

I did it again! I went to see a movie which I knew nothing about. Ok, so I had seen the trailer. And it looked nice enough, with Will Smith driving around in a deserted New York, talking to his dog, hunting the beasts that had now claimed the city. And in my naive view of movies I thought that would be enough to thrill the audience. But no! I have three words for you: man eating zombies!!

The last time I was this scared watching a movie was in Barcelona where I and my brother went to see “24 weeks later”. And what was that movie about? Yes you guessed it: Man eating zombies!

It’s the thing that seems to scare me the most: another human being trying to catch you so that he can devour you alive. And that was what around 90% of the movie was about.

The movie was however quite good and would probably have been better if I had not thought it would be more like Tom Hanks stuck on an island than Tom Hanks stuck in dark parking garage together with 40 zombies who all want to eat him. But if Tom Hanks got an Oscar for talking to a coconut then Will Smith definitely deserves an Oscar for talking to a plastic mannequin.

But unfortunately Will’s timing is not so good. He was nominated for an Oscar last year for “The pursuit of happyness” but lost to Forest Whitaker in “The last king of Scotland”. As if this would not be enough of a setback, the fact that Whitaker is an African-American man could play a part in this year’s Oscars. My question is: Can the Oscar for “best performance by an actor in a leading role” be given to a black man two years in a row?

I don’t think so, but please; do prove me wrong.

Oh, and for all you Christians out there who are reluctant to go and see “The golden compass” since it was banned by the pope, I have some good news for you. “I am legend” is truly a production made in America! It’s only in the US that the plot can be based on what the characters refer to as God’s plan. So even though 99% of the world’s population has been wiped out by a scary virus, God still has a plan for the 1% that is left. All you have to do is listen to his voice…


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I have now rearranged my blogroll. Deleted those blogs that no-one is updating. So if you feel that you’ve been treated unfair, I suggest you contact me. And, by the way, what happened to Malin’s wonderful blog?? I was now forced to delete it from my blogroll since I get irritated every time I check to see if she has fixed it and it still isn’t working…

Two blogs were added – Ulrika and Caro. Check them out (if you know some Swedish).

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I have taken ill. My throat is sore and I feel a small cold coming on. But I am delighted to say that I do not, as yet, suffer from any kind of fever or high temperature.

Instead of wallowing in my pain I have enjoyed a Jane Austen TV-movie. I feel utter sadness for those Americans who might not have the opportunity to watch such a splendid thing. I fear that the lack of American actresses would prevent these films from ever being aired in the States. But how should I know, I am after all but of Northern European heritage and could not claim to be familiar with the customs of American television.

Anywho, I felt most privileged to be able to watch the movie “Persuasion”. And I must say that I was surprised to find some resemblance between those times and modern Christian culture.

Even though we do not marry our cousins, or share the joys of arranged marriages, some of the thoughts on marriage do seem to apply to our modern days. One is the question of age. As I myself am unmarried at the age of 25 I can not but wonder if my time has passed. In the previously mentioned movie there is a women of 27 who everyone and all say is doomed a spinster’s life. I must say that I have many times thought this to apply to me as well. Can a Christian woman marry after the age of 22? Well surely yes, but is it not so that she is often around 35 when that finally happens?

Well, even Jane Austen thought there was some hope, as our heroine finally got her man. And at the age of 27 no less. Maybe I have time to wait a couple of years then…


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