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Eating creamy shoes

This is what I’ll be eating for the next week(s).


They are called lent buns in English, in Finnish laskiaispulla, in Swedish semla and in Finn-Swedish fastlagsbulle. They’re yummy either way.

The right day for eating these is next Tuesday. But fortunately for me they have been selling them for around two weeks already and will continue to sell them for at least another two weeks. (and as always, if you want to know more about these buns you can always go to wiki)

Here is the Japanese version. They are called cream shoes! This is because the Japanese word for these delicious things sounds just like a milk-based footwear. Logical, isn’t it…


Ok, so I didn’t take the picture of fastlagsbullarna, I found it on some poor Finnish, now American, girl’s homepage. With the picture she had added a loooong recipe to explain how you can find the right ingredients for this bun in the States (that’s why I wrote poor girl, I too know how hard it can be to find the basic baking goods in a foreign country). Anyhow, this is a recipe my dear mother gave me:

You go to the frozen section at your closest supermarket, preferably K-market. There you will find a nice bag of buns that just need 10 min in the oven. After you’ve added the frozen buns to your shopping basket you move on to the dairy section. Here you will find a spray bottle kind of thing that sprays out ready made whipped cream. After this you’ll grab a bottle of milk and some almond paste.

When you get home you’ll bake the buns for ten min. Cut the top off. Dig out a large piece of its contents, almost the whole bun. You take that and mix it with some milk and some almond paste and put it back into the bun. You then spray on some cream and voila; you have a fastlagsbulle.

This might seem a bit difficult for you who are not living in close proximity of a Finnish K-market, but this is kind of a revenge for all the times I’ve heard: well, to make this Chinese dish is very very easy, you just take this sauce and add some meat. Lätt som en plätt as you say in Swedish, just one tiny little problem, China, and thereby that particular sauce is on the other side of the earth…



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It is done. At 3.48 pm today I handed in my Master’s thesis!

Final title: Maturation of Decapentaplegic, a DrosophilaBMP

Final length: 61 pages

Happiness and Joy

+ I’m feeling so nervous I could throw up just because I now have to wait one whole month for my professors to evaluate it. And all I can do is wait and find more and more spelling errors in my text. 


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Preparing for the Nobel Prize

With less than three days to finish my thesis what am I doing? Writing my blog of course!

This is what my 150 references look like. They add 10 pages to my Master’s!!


My thesis is not exactly politically correct, or maybe I should rather say – not exactly Nature publishable. I use words like “mind blowing” and describe receptor affinity like “children tossing marbles to each other”.

I got this image when I was watching the American Idol tryouts. My thesis is like the girl dressed in a Star Wars outfit. If the judges say that she isn’t a good singer, she can always blame them for being prejudiced and only taking beautiful, perky chicks to Hollywood. It’s like that with my thesis. If someone says it’s really bad I can just blame my choice of language, and avoid the fact that what they actually meant was that my research stinks and that my ideas are as taken out of thin air.

Maybe you are starting to notice how I’m totally freaked out about turning my thesis in…

Well, everything is written. All except for my Acknowledgements. I’m wondering if I should be politically correct there and just praise my boss and my co-workers (without mentioning their names) or if I should continue doing what I’ve done so far: mentioning everyone by name, among others thanking my boss’ wife for giving me birthday cards and baking cakes. “and last but not least I’d like to thank all of those who have supported me in prayer throughout my writing”. Or is that just too much?


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The Finnish gym experience

This song has been going on and on in my head. It’s part of my Monday interval trainings. I added the lyrics as well, just so you’d get the beauty of this tune:

Groove Goverage – Holy Virgin

I’m a real lady,
Treat me like a baby;
I’ve been waiting weekly
For someone like you

Can you share my passion,
Earning my obsession.
I want satisfaction
All of the time.

If you want to taste me,
Try my paradise.
Come, and feel up my desire.

You can please me,
Taste me,
Take me to the sky;
Baby, we can burn like fire.

I am your holy virgin,
Be gentle all the time.
I am your holy virgin,
I’ll blow your mind.

I am your holy virgin,
And if you touch me right,
I’ll be your nasty virgin.

I can take you places,
Show you all my faces;
No, I don’t wrap the paces,
We’re gonna be there.

Do you wanna hold me
When I feel lonely?
Slowly you consume me,
angel of mine.

If you want to taste me,
Try my paradise.
Come, and feel up my desire.

You can please me,
Taste me,
Take me to the sky;
Baby, we can burn like fire.

I am your holy virgin…
Now the curtain falls,

Hand just calls.
Open up your eyes
For someone like me!

I’m on my way,
Leaving today,
I’m gonna ride
To the other side.

If you want to taste me,
Try my paradise.
Come, and feel up my desire.

You can please me,
Taste me,
Take me to the sky;
Baby, we can burn like fire (like fire).

I am your holy virgin…


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Mango Lassi


Oh how I miss Indian food! This is a picture from HK. During my last week as an exchange student I think I had Indian food three times. And as you can see we ate quite a lot. Where in Finland can you order five different kinds of Naan bread (all of them are probably not called Naan, but anyway)??

I take some comfort in my Mango Lassi. It may not taste exactly like it “should” taste, but it’s good enough for me. To make this wonderful beverage you just mix/blend:

  • 10 ice cubes
  • 2 dl fat free natural yoghurt
  • 3 1/2 dl fat free milk
  • one can of mango
  • 2 tbs of honey

This will be enough for two tall glasses. Enjoy! (Although you might want to taste it before serving it to some guests, I don’t know if got the ratio of milk and ice right)


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When I’m really bored I watch videos on youtube. This time I thought I’d hit the jack pot. Someone had started a trail where people should tell you five things that no-one knows about them. Exactly what people have been doing in their blogs for the past year.

But instead of telling their most embarrassing secrets, or just making things up, the small exhibitionists on youtube decided to tell us this:

Hi, my name is Kevin and I collect decks of cards… (and yes he videotaped them, just to make us understand how brilliant they were)

Hi, my name is Melissa and I collect air-fresheners… (lucky for us, she wasn’t at home at that moment so she wasn’t able to show off her big collection of smelly little pine trees)

Hi, my name is Josh and you may not know this about me, but I’m a total neat freak (wow Josh, tell us more) everything on my facebook site has to be in right proportions (?)

 But I realized something:

A) I was the one who was stupid enough to be watching all these videos

B) I’m a “big” collector of icons

C) This is what my plate rack looks like (and I have never understood people who don’t take everything out but just let things pile up, the more they do dishes the more things has to be put onto the rack. Wouldn’t it be easier to just empty it once in a while?)


So what I learned was that we shouldn’t judge people too quickly. We might just share the same boring habits. Although I hope that not all of us will do what I just did and put them on the Internet for everyone to see…


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Today’s events

I drank  almost 1.5 liter of grappo! Nice!

I cried after watching the last and absolute final episode of Gilmore Girls. Ok, so that might seem a bit sappy but I have been watching that series since I was 19, and having Rory graduating at this point in my life seems like a bit more than a coincident. (plus my sugar levels were a bit low since I miscalculated the amount of insulin it takes to digest two liters of popcorn…)

Speaking of graduating: the English teacher that read my thesis sent me an e-mail saying, and I quote: “it was well written and quite entertaining”. That seems like a good response, doesn’t it? If reading about the cleavage pattern of a protein can be entertaining than maybe my thesis isn’t so bad after all 🙂

I invited my Estonian colleague for lunch tomorrow. We will have Indian food 😀 I will make naan bread, mango lassi and two separate dishes; one meat and one chicken. My brother asked me why we don’t just eat pizza. I’m starting to wonder myself…

Well that was that, maybe I’ll watch some more TV since I’m taking the day off tomorrow (even though I’ve only got one and a half weeks left until I have to hand in my thesis)


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