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I’m on vacation.

Ireland, 1-8.7

Österbotten, 8-15.7

Helsinki, around 15-20.7


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Ord hemifrån

Det finns saker man inte säger i Helsingfors, liksom det finns saker man inte säger när man är i Sverige. Det är antagligen pga ens egna dumma fördomar. Man betvivlar helt enkelt att människor ska förstå en. Pga detta har mitt ordförråd minskat rejält sen jag flyttade hit ner (vilket jag tidigare har skrivit om). För att råda bot på detta skriver jag nu upp de ord som jag tycker att jag borde använda oftare.

Ett väldigt bra uttryck är: va oppsträka du e! (vad uppklädd du är)

Detta uttalas ofta med förvåning i rösten, som i “varför är du så fin då?”. Används tex om någon är extra fin medans alla andra har vardagskläder på sig. Är också mycket användbart när man vill mobba tonårskillar som annars inte klär upp sig. Tex om de måste ta på sig en kostym. Man ser hur de lider på långt håll och då kan man ju inte låta bli att gå fram till dem och säga “va oppsträka du e!”, som i: “du brukar ju aldrig klä upp dig!”

Eftersom detta uttryck kan ha en lite negativ klang rekommenderar jag att enbart använda det i samtal med yngre eller jämngamla personer, men det kan även användas om man talar med en äldre person som man känner väldigt bra.

Men detta är överlag ett mycket användbart uttryck och jag ska verkligen göra mitt bästa för att hålla det vid liv, även här nere i söder.

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Family issues

I went home this weekend to find one of my cousins engaged and another going to the Philippines for 6 months.

First thing’s first.

An explanation: When you marry into a Finn-Swede family it’s like marrying into the mafia. All families are connected and form a web that stretches through the entire coastal landscape of Finland. I am most certainly related to three forth of the Finn-Swede population. And everything is done through marriage.

So when a person is to be wed – he or she is getting engaged – it’s of extreme importance to know who the closest relatives of the future spouse are.

When my family gathered this weekend we thus eagerly discussed who Sofia’s grandfather could be. The question was: Was it Samuel OR Lemuel.

It turned out that it was Lemuel, a highly bearded man who once worked as a supply keeper at my father’s school.

I had never heard the name Lemuel before and felt very sorry for the guy. The horrors some people let their kids go through just so they can have a Biblical name…

Lemuel means “a man who belongs to God”. It is said in the Old testament that Lemuel was a king who had a very wise mother. She was so wise that there is nothing written about the king but only about the advice his mother gave him. In short she said: don’t drink and don’t fool around with women, but help those in need. It can be read in Proverbs 31.

Following this very good advice, his mother continues by asking “Who can find a virtuous wife?”. I was quite amazed at this chapter and started reading it aloud as a sat in the presence of my brother and the cousin going to the Philippines. To my surprise my cousin Jakob started to recite the chapter by heart! Naturally I thought he had learnt it for someones wedding, as a compliment to the bride. But no.

In my family, Jakob is spoken of as a ladies man. Not by choice I might add. He tries to avoid them by all means possible, but it just don’t seem to help. As a desperate measure he has now taken to reciting the Bible every time some poor smitten girl tries to ask him out for coffée. His favourite passage seems to be Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”

It takes a strong woman not to be put off by that…

But my family is not. Everyone is trying to find a suitable girl for him. He is in the prime age for marriage (as is custom in my family), as he is close to 20. Even his six(?) year old sister is brainwashed into asking him why he hasn’t got a girlfriend.

Poor guy. In his case, I can certainly see the joys of going to another part of the world for a while.

So good luck – and as my grandmother said: “Don’t go and find yourself a foreigner!”. No we wouldn’t like that, it would totally break the Finn-Swede family chain…

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Bara för att jag var så oerhört dum och inte for och lyssnade på Håkan igår. Vad är lite regn om man får lyssna till något så här underbart:

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Picture perfect

It’s not every day that you get to play with a Nikon D300, especially when it’s attached to a microscope. My boss went crazy and bought this beautiful piece of machinery to our lab. And I’m happy!

Here is a mutant and a regular fly larva. Guess which one is which…

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Prince Charming

I went to see the Swedish prince step out of a boat this Sunday. Some might have said that the boat, a replica of the 16th century Gotheborg, was the main attraction, but I disagree. I have rarely, if ever, had a royalty at such close range and I couldn’t help but smile this goofy kind of smile the whole time.

But he is cute, the prince, isn’t he 🙂

But it would have been enough if he had just stood there and looked good. Now they had to interview him as well, and it became a bit embarrassing since he seemed not to understand the Finn-Swede MC’saccent. However, it was nothing compared to the speech the mayor of Helsinki gave. He could not say one word in Swedish, and even though he’d written the whole speech down on paper he got both grammar and pronunciation totally wrong.

Here is a news clip of the event. Taken from channel 4 it’s in Finnish but I wanted to add it since a girl from church, Ann-Sofie, was interviewed – she’s the one saying she came to see the prince (and not the boat) 🙂

(It’s my first Youtube video ever and I don’t know how to edit something I’ve recorded from TV, so in the beginning you’ll see a clip from Japan, sorry about that…)


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How’s it hanging?

(I’ve realized that this blog is getting a bit “girly”, but instead of doing something about it I’ve decided to just go with the flow, maybe I’ll even make the background pink or something…)

Age has finally caught up with me and my body has stopped fighting gravity. Not only can I no longer eat anything remotely fatty without gaining a kg or two, but all my access weight seem to be much closer to the ground than it was one year ago.

I thought about putting a mark on my arms at the current place of my sagging bosoms just to see the progression. Something like when you were growing up and you put a mark on the doorpost to see how much you had gained in height over the last year. As the years went by the door would be filled with markings reaching higher and higher. Until now that is. Now it’s beginning it’s decline towards the floor again.

Well, back to the markings on the arms. I came to the conclusion that this was not such a good idea. First of all, even if you were to use a permanent marker it would, sooner or later, rub off and leave you without any clue as to how much further your aging process had brought you. And the other, more concerning part, was that the skin on your arms are going downwards as well and can therefore not be used as reliable measuring tools.

Even though some might say that I’m exaggerating, there is no denying that I’m getting older. I have come to a very scientific form of determining if you are old or not, it goes like this: You pick up the latest issue of your favourite ladies magazine, flick through it, count all the actresses you see and then see how big a percentage of that number that consists of women younger than you.

And if that wasn’t satisfying, you can just listen to all the remarks going: “Oh, I wasn’t even born then.”, as in “Do you seriously think I would know the name of an artist that had a career in the early 90’s!”.

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