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Next week and today

Plans for my near future:

Today Friday: Taking Linda lines to Estonia/Tallinn with Shinya and Jenni, then a bus to Tartu to visit Evely.

Saturday: Spending the day with Evely and her boyfriend Mart!

Sunday: Hopefully meeting Greta after x number of years and then taking the bus and ferry back to Finland (if the wind isn’t too strong, then we’re stuck 😉 ). I’ll arrive in Helsinki at 21:30.

Monday: Action meeting. Hope you remember that, all you who are in the leader group!!

Tuesday: Care group (cell group) time at my place. I’ll serve English teacakes 🙂

Wednesday-Thursday: Lying in a vegetative state infront  of the TV.

Friday:Outreach with Fila and others.

Saturday: Women’s brunch starts at 10:30am and after that I’m in charge of the dishes.

Sunday:Probably sunday service and then leadership school at Fila.

It’s lucky I have two days off there in the middle. I can’t survive social interaction 24/7, so some quality time with my TV sounds about right at that point.


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I recently discovered that they’re doing an American version of “Kath and Kim”. My lungs filled with air but I had time to stop myself before yelling out an earthshaking WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

But my question is still: why? Why do Americans need to remake an already perfect series? Don’t they understand English, because the last time I checked this is the language they speak in Australia (the home country of Kath and Kim)?

Haven’t they learned their lesson from making their own version of “Coupling”? They butchered that series! From being a wonderful comedy about three guys and three girls with seriously big egos and even bigger sex drives it became, how should I put it – embarrassing.

They put the same lines in the mouth of actors and actresses that looked like they’d cringe if they had to say the word “cock”. It was a complete failure.

And the worst thing is; the American people might not even know about it. Maybe they were happily laughing away, or even worse – they thought that this was how a British comedy should be like.

To calm my nerves I had to watch this wonderful clip on youtube. It’s entitled “Ugly women can have feelings too”.

And then the horrible truth: Coupling UK vs US

Back to Kath and Kim. We’ve been blessed in Finland with the Australian original through TV2. It’s about a daughter moving back in with her mom when her marriage fails. The mom, already having a “sexy” boyfriend, is reluctant to say the least. To summarize: they are ugly, inappropriate, dumb, mean, have a terrible accent AND are totally lovable!

And here’s the American version, with Selma Blair and everything:

They’re probably just overdoing it, that’s why it doesn’t feel honest. And where are the 80’s outfits??

I hear the axe swishing through the air as it chops down on yet another lovely comedy. Why America, why?? Someday you’ll have to pay for what you’ve done.

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My blog roll is growing every day it seems. Now I’ve added Jonna and Annsofi’s blog. They are currently missionaries in Uganda, Jonna is working with prostitutes and Annsofi at a hospital. This really shows the wonders of Internet. That we can keep in touch with people that are far off on the other side of the earth. It’s definitely inspiring to see their everyday life, not having to wait for a letter that’s read in church at Christmas 😉

Lena’s blog has come back to life, and that’s not the only new living thing. If I’ve counted correctly I’ve now been to 13 weddings which, in all, have produced 13 kids. Is it any wonder that pregnancies don’t seem like such huge miracles to me anymore… Babies on the other hand do 🙂

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Helsinki in two days

Antonette came to visit me this weekend 🙂 I got to know her in Hongkong, where we took Cantonese class together. Now she’s working in London and is, at the same time, trying to travel all around Europe to see her old friends.

When she had left I got flash backs from when my cousin Hanna came to visit me in Hongkong. I don’t remember how long Hanna stayed but it must have been less than a week. During that time I tried to show her everything there is to see in HK – including the outer islands. And poor her, she was absolutely exhausted already after the first day.

This weekend was kind of like that. I’m just so afraid that my guests might think they’ve missed out on something if they don’t get to see absolutely everything. Only thinking about this I often neglect to consider their physical need of sleep and rest – that it can be equally enjoyable just sitting at a café looking at passer-byes, instead of rushing from one church to the next.

Luckily Helsinki isn’t as big as HK, so it’s actually possible to see almost everything in two days. I’ll give you the itinerary, but first some pictures from our trip to Suomenlinna.

Antonette waiting for the ferry that will take us back to mainland.

Someone stuck a Swedish kid down an old canon.

Just so you’ll see why it’s good to wait for a sunny day before you go out to Suomenlinna. The picture on the right is from when Sarah was here. Same rock, different conditions.

Helsinki in two days:

Day 1

Helsinki Cathedral and Uspenski Cathedral are must sees, from there you can walk down to Esplanadi and continue on to Mannerheimintie, walk pass the Parliament of Finland, the National Museum of Finland, the Finlandia Hall and the Opera house. Then you’ll finally reach the Olympic stadium where you can go up in a tower and see that Helsinki isn’t as small as you first thought.

A kauppahalli is quite exotic. The one in Hakaniemi is probably the best. Here you can see Finnish breads and buns and the oh so popular herring.

Visit a museum. We went to Ateneumwhich was nice. Currently they’re having an exhibition on Japanese wood prints. Don’t expect any museum in Finland to be big though (except maybe for Emma in Espoo – have never been there myself so I can’t really say…)

Have a coffé at Java and then continue on past Kamppi to Temppeliaukio church. This church is basically a hole in a rock that they’ve put a roof on. It’s beautiful though and the acoustics are great, so if there is a concert while you’re visiting be sure to go there then. And don’t forget to climb up on the roof!

Have dinner at Konstan möljä where they have a buffé table with reindeer meat and lots of different fish. Not so fancy but quite cosy.

Day 2

We went for a walk along the shore of Arabia up to Vanhakaupunki stream and Lammassaari, an island in the middle of a field of reed (vass).

From there we took the bus to Vallila or rather Puu-Vallila, the old part of town where they still live in old one-story wooden houses.

Suomenlinna/Sveaborg was the next stop. And as you can see from the pictures it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Now you’ve seen everything there is to see in Helsinki 😉 so just relax and sit down at Esplanaadi café and have a big korvapuusti/örfil or don’t go further than off the Suomenlinna ferry and enjoy a possu/gris (a donut shaped like a pig) at Helsinki market square.

If you’re still hungry I can recommend Kappeli, a nice restaurant where they serve delicacies like elk and bear.

Enjoy your stay! And if you want more tips on what to do, what to see, where to eat – just ask me.

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Waiting for 65

Some people say that you should do everything you want right now, because you never know when you are going to die. So don’t say that you’ll wait until you’re retired before you go on that dream trip or learn how to speak those six languages – do it now!

However, there are some hobbies that require a certain age. What I would like to do is to build doll-houses.

Now, a doll-house is not a thing that’s easily hidden. Especially if you’re living in a 28 square meter apartment. So everyone is going to see it when they enter the door. Not to mention that some doll-houses ought to require a building permit because of their enormous size.

A doll-house could also be seen as a substitute for cats. Cats are like small kids and when you have a doll-house you cannot have children (they would only destroy what you’ve so beautifully put together), thus either way you are automatically seen as a spinster.

If then, you start building a doll-house when you’re lets say 26 years old, you obviously don’t want a life.

That’s why, in mere self preservation, I continue to dream about building the perfect doll-house until I’m 65 – and hopefully have a life.

These were just some thoughts that came to me after I’d seen a doll-house store that recently opened quite close to my place. And they have a wonderful homepage too…

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So I read in the newspaper that wolfs aren’t as bloodthirsty as we’ve thought. Why? It seems that they sometimes eat salmon. Ok, so instead of hunting in flocks, killing reindeer and other large blood filled mammals, they go into the rivers and catch a fish.

No, I don’t quite get it…

What is less cruel – killing a fish or killing a deer? Oh, but I guess even a small kid can kill a fish that it has caught when angling, but no way it would single-handedly break the neck of a big four legged creature.

No, I don’t quite get it…

It probably has something to do with fish not being able to scream, or maybe it’s because their kids don’t look cute and cuddly. What else could it be? Beats me…


And another thing. It said on my jar of Lemon curd that it contained 100% natural fruit. Well I would hope so. Who has seen a lemon that is half synthetic. But what about the parts that didn’t contain 100% natural fruit?

Some smart ass ad person has probably brainstormed to get this one right. Oh, lets put 99% synthetic E something flavouring and then write that the one drop of lemon juice we were forced to add is 100% natural.

No, I don’t quite get it… Or wait a minute – yes I do, this is the smartest thing I’ve seen in a long time!


And then it was the case of my nasal spray. On the package it said: Keep out of sight and reach of children.

No, I don’t quite get it…

Out of sight! Have the Finnish kids suddenly developed telekinetic powers. Or how would they otherwise get to the spray by just looking at it. Wouldn’t “out of reach” be enough?

I just have to accept that there are some things in life that have to remain a mystery.

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After 13 weddings it was time to attend my first christening. So off I went to far away Esbo where Mia and Christian’s youngest daughter was christened Thilda Viola Johanna Haglund. I was honored to be one of the child’s godparents.

Mia and Thilda

Emma and Neah   –   the chapel

Thilda is christened surrounded by her parents and godparents. The couple holding Thilda are godparents Yesenia and Jonne.

The wonderful table decorations. And the decorations again, now held by Jeannette and Nicke.

                    Neah is fascinated by the music box I gave her sister.

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