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Because of all the stress I’ve had recently, I’ve started to grind my teeth in my sleep. So off I went to the dentist to get them filed down – yet again I might add. It’s starting to feel like I have no teeth left because of all the filing the dentists have had to do to me.

But I actually left the dentist’s office feeling mighty fine since they gave me such a nice compliment. Appearently my teeth have a class 2 whiteness while most other Finns’ have a class 3.  

It wasn’t until this evening that I realized that I have to get two of my wisdom teeth removed. As I was only getting an emergency check up they couldn’t do much more for me than fix the immediate problem of my pointy biters. But the dentist was kind enough to mention that I had holes in both of my wisdom teeth. Now I just have to wait half a year until I get another dentist’s appointment.

Well, at least they don’t have to use the drill and I’ve actually never been given an anaesthetic before – it’s always fun with new experiences…


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More election thoughts

It was the first time that my boss and his wife were allowed to vote in a Finnish election, so today I talked to Lisa about her new experience. She commented on how quietly everything was done. The only time she met the politicians or their followers was when she went shopping to Prisma or Citymarket. And even then they only gave her a flier – she was very surprised at how no-one really tried to convince her to vote for them.

In Japan things are obviously handled very differently.

It gave me a new perspective on things. I tend to become annoyed just because someone tries to hand me a piece of paper. And they don’t even do that if you are smart enough to shake your head. If everyone who tried to hand me a flier instead would start talking to me, or if there were political parties shouting out their goals in every street corner, I don’t think I would leave my apartment for a month!

I think Finnish people have a teenage approach to voting; if someone tells us to do something, we usually decide to do the complete opposite.

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Ja, om man ska rösta så ska man – oberoende av vad vädrets makter tycker.

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This week Zhao told me a story.

In the 20s, Christian missionaries were sent from America to spread the gospel in China. They came to a country struck by conflicts between the white devils and the local citizens and many Christians were killed because of it. The region with the highest mortality rate was the one that Zhao stems from.

Even so, one man decided he would go there and spread the good word. He did so by founding the first modern hospital in that province. At first he had a very hard time but now people have come to appreciate what he did.

But Zhao could not understand this guy, why did he go to the province where he was most likely to be killed? Why not go to another part of the country? Take an easier way.

I tried to tell him that it was probably no point in going to a region where the people would still have heard the gospel.

So he asked me: is every Christian willing to make such a sacrifice? For example; if there was an eight year old boy who was in need of a new heart and you were 80 years old and a perfect match for giving it to him, would you then kill yourself in order to save him?

What do you answer? It does not matter if you save that boys life if he’s not going to live eternally in heaven. (a stupid answer)

And Zhao continued; but if he promised to become a Christian once he got your heart, would it make a difference?

So it got me thinking. What is it that defines a Christian?

Following the will of God no matter how stupid it might seem to others. But in doing so I don’t think God intends for us to die.

Somehow I don’t think that this would be a good enough answer for Zhao. But what would be?

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It’s a bit embarrassing that I only read books bought during Stockmann’s “Crazy days”, but at the same time it’s very convenient. I’ll just have finished the ones I bought in spring when the fall sale starts. And in between those two there’s always Christmas. (And yes, I only read something like 10 books a year.) 

I’m currently occupied with Linda Olsson’s book “nu vill jag sjunga dig milda sånger” (loosely translated: Now, I want to sing you mild/tender songs). It reminds me of my grandparents’ attic – only filled with jam and memories. Maybe my cousins would understand me…

And I came to think of my grandmother. How she, being of the older Christian generation, consider makeup to be a vanity that you can easily live without. It’s the same with coloring ones hair.

I think that not coloring my hair has been an expression of vanity for myself. I like it when the hairdresser asks if it is my own colour and compliments me on how good it looks. But now I’ve done it.

As I’m so cheap I’m still going to Prakticum (a school) to get my hair cut, even though it scares the crap out of me every time. This was no exception. So I go there, I tell them that I don’t want my hair to look like I’m an orange/brown zebra and I come home looking like I’ve got my hair done in 1997 and haven’t changed it since.

So this was the first time I actually went back and complained about how it looked. And believe me, I felt like an ass for doing so! But they colored most of the stripes back to the original colour and now I’m kind of happy with how I look. So it was actually worth it. I take this as a lesson for later, that you should always complain, but complain while smiling.


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As I feel that there’s a female dominance in my blogroll I’ve added Janne’s blog to my list (ha, it’s not at all because I like you, there’s just a requirement for equality 😉 )

And then there’s Granberg’s blog where another guy is writing his thoughts (although together with his wife…)

And then Hanna Djupsjöbacka found her way to my blog so now I’ve added her as well 🙂

Oh, so I guess my male to female ratio is plus minus zero (as we say in Swedish) well this only proves that I don’t know that many guys – unless they’re married. Or maybe it just proves that guys don’t write blogs as frequently as women does. I should do a scientific study on this 🙂

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I thought I was alone in my quest for the perfect toilet but there are apparently some more people rating their travel experiences according to the cleanliness of the country’s public loos. Here is the lovely site to which I’m now going to add a lot of toilets in the Helsinki area 🙂 


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