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Even though it’s incredibly sexist this is one of my favourite movies ever. Maybe it’s the music…


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awardOh, I got an award from the lovely Emma– and now, of course, I have to put her blog on my blogroll. She’s a cousin’s cousin, related to fam Haglund and is actually moving to Helsinki quite soon. So there’s that – and now I have to give the award to some other people. Five to be precise.

But I hate to pass on “chain letters”… so I think I’ll just recommend five that I’ve found recently. (Sorry Emma!)

The first one: Create your own manga/avatar! I could do this forever!

Underbara Clara som faktiskt verkar vara ganska så underbar 🙂

Childhood flames, this is how I would have liked to look at that age. One of the thousands of teenage fashion blogs out there. They all seem to have some things in common: 1. They think Chuck bass from Gossip Girl is the hottest thing ever. 2. They would have voted for Obama if they only were the appropriate age… 3. They adore Teenage Vogue. 4. They all own a pair of ridiculously high black plateau shoes with intricate lacing in the front. You just go to Camille’s blog and then follow the links to another blog and then follow a link from there and you’ll notice that there are girls all over the world documenting their outfits on a daily basis.

William Gibson\’s blog. And that’s not because I like it that much but because he’s my favourite writer.

Videos from which you can learn really cool stuff – like dissecting fly larvae!


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Speaking of chocolate

fly wing

Today I dissected fly wings. Aren’t they beautiful, a real work of art!

My dear colleague Mari has started to empty her cupboards of all her chocolate. As she’s originally from Estonia she travels there quite often to visit relatives and every time she comes back she brings with her a box of chocolate. Obviously a bit too many since she has found a whole pile of them at home. So every week there’s a new box in our office. The problem is that these chocolates have spent quite some time in Mari’s cupboard, such a long time in fact that they have started to get the chocolate equivalent of grey hairs.

Today’s box had an expiry date from April this year.

When the first box arrived I must admit that I tasted not one, but several – careful of picking the ones that looked the most brown. After which I suffered a mild stomach ache…

But the boxes keep coming as they always seem to empty after a while. Shinya is the garbage bin, but today, after trying to bite through another piece, he actually called it a punishment.

There seem to be something addictive about chocolate, or should I say – sugar…

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Another Galler ad!

Galler chocolate

I’m a target of Internet advertisement, or rather you, dear reader, are 🙂 But I don’t mind Chris’ comment at all (even though I thought the “without alcohol” thing was a bit much), because it’s absolutely true – Galler’s chocolate is one of the best things out there!

And as you can see from the picture, Zhao did bring me some back from his trip to Belgium. Before his journey I gave him the old wrap that I had saved just in case something like this might happen. Unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to check what the paper read and it turned out that I had given him the wrap from the white chocolate bar instead of the one that had contained dark chocolate.

But this one is almost as good (especially when you don’t have the dark chocolate one to compare it with) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you Zhao!

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Viikki church

Ok, so you know that you are in Finland when someone lyrically describes a church as being “like a sauna” – AND everyone listening gives out a happy sigh of recognition.

But I get the point. It’s not only that the church in Viikki is built entirely out of wood that gives it this atmosphere. For a Finn the sauna is so much more. It is a place of contemplation, a place where you discuss important things; men to men or father to son. It was a place where you gave birth to your children and where you washed the dead before the burial. A whole life can be seen in the walls of a sauna – and it’s the same with a church, you can even glimpse eternity.

(Well, this only applies to Finns, I as a Finn-swede do not keep the sauna in such high regard…)

Viikki church is truly the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen! It might not look that way on the outside – especially on a rainy November’s day, but when you get inside you totally forget the weather.

They describe it as being like a forest glade where you are surrounded by tall trees. It is made completely out of untreated wood and you can smell the pine as you walk into the main hall. The only thing they do is to wash the floors with soap, no chemicals, it should be all natural. And as such it will grow old with time and finally get a silver patina that I think will look even more amazing.

The church hall is 12 meters high and they have a piece of art at the altar that is called “the vine tree”. This is from when Jesus refers to himself as the vine tree and us as the branches. In John 15:5 it says “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”


Viikin kirkkoljusorgelkyrksalendopfuntaltare

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Ah, chocolate!

I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but it’s not working very well – I can’t wait for Zhao to come back from Belgium as he promised me to buy my favourite chocolate!

I cannot say that I’m a chocolate connoisseur, and the fact that my favourite chocolate can be bought in any Belgian supermarket should testify to this. But it’s sooo good!

Galler is the brand and the bar with strong coffée filling was my choice – but now that I’ve found their homepage I think I could settle for any one of these goodies:


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The annual Action festival was this weekend and approximately 300 youths gathered each evening to listen to music and the word of God at our church. I thought it went really well, but don’t take my word for it, since I was the head coordinator of the thing I basically ran around like a headless chicken for the whole time and only had time to attend one whole meeting, I guess I’ll see the result when I go through the evaluation sheets we had all participants fill out…

But the scope of the weekend: Fila dance team and Fila worship band participated. We had three Norwegian guys who’d all founded their own church in Norway speaking on Saturday. On both Friday and Saturday we had bands playing (Charizma from Sweden and Daniel Sandgren Diago), they also shared some thoughts about their faith. Then we had various workshops with themes like sex, photography and Israel (not connected in any way). And our own pastor Kenneth Grönroos preached on Sunday.

We had 85 youths from Österbotten attending plus 200 more from southern Finland. So we were a lot of people involved in this from the church just to make everything run smoothly. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who were there and made the weekend such a good one. Thank you!

Here are some pictures, 99% of which are taken by my brother:

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