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Drum roll please

We were playing Radio Rock the whole day yesterday at work and it got me thinking: Why was it that I chose to play the piano and not drums as an 8 year old? My air-drum moves seem to be quite good and I do have a decent sense of rhythm (I’m actually quite tone deaf so rhythm is the only thing I have).

But then I came back down to earth and realized that I have no coordination skills at all. It’s ok to do the waving thing with your arms, but if you have to stomp your feet at the same time – and in a different rhythm, that’s a bit too complicated.

So now my drum-dreams are crushed…

I just thought you should know 😦


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Today at work:

The University is entering into a new era, becoming privatized and more company-like. Therefore, starting from the beginning of next year, every employee that is paid salary at the university is required to write down their workhours.

I: But Shinya, you know that you cannot write down all your workhours. You’re doing way too much overtime.

Boss: Yes, you should only write the required 8 hours per day.

I: Otherwise you’ll have to take a two month long vacation during summer.

Shinya: Can they really force you to do that??

Boss: Not really, but it’s easier if you don’t write down the time you spend in the lab on Saturdays and Sundays.

I: If you don’t want to follow the law you simply have to lie!

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I’ve added my drummer cousin Jonas to my blogroll. He is currently living in Sweden together with his wife Hanna. A wonderful couple that I hope to see sometime during the Christmas holidays 🙂

(Warning, the blog is in Swedish…)

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Today at work

Today I told Zhao about the dangers of making SDS-gels outside the hood.

– But why? When it’s polymerized (hard) it’s not dangerous is it!?

– No… But it’s fluent when you pour it into the glass-chambers.

– Do you think it evaporates (he asks in a mild “are you stupid” voice)

– Well if you don’t believe me you should ask Jaana.

– I will look it up!

After conferring with Wikipedia he comes back crying:

– I will die!!

It turns out that not only was he inhaling the gel but also the beta-mercaptoethanol that we use to make the samples. This smells like shit (literally) and I was surprised that he even managed to pipette it outside the hood without feeling queasy.

Beta-mercaptoethanol is very carcinogenic so now Zhao is convinced that he will die at a very young age.

– And think about how you’ve exposed us, your colleagues, for these dangerous substances when you have done everything in the lab!

– No, but think about ME!!! I’m the one who has been standing right over the samples, inhaling the fumes of these carcinogens. And I have a very poor genetic background, my body cannot handle mutations caused by environmental factors!

Poor Zhao!

And it didn’t get any better when Jaana, later on, decided to tell him about the dangers of methanol…


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I never miss an opportunity to tease Vassileios and I feel I have the right to do so since he is ruthlessly doing the same to me. So when I read about the very scientific study they had done on the penis size of European men, I just had to tell him the result.

It namely turned out that Greek men had the smallest penis in the whole of Europe. Unfortunately V didn’t get annoyed at all but calmly replied:

– As Greek-Orthodox men are such good Christians they humbly took away 20 cm when they wrote down their measurements.

He then gave me some advice on how to get a man. (As I’ve already told you, most of my colleagues would like to see me with someone…)

– Wear a skirt and boots, men (and here follows the very Mediterranean gesture of putting all your fingers together and kissing them as if describing some very tasty food) Then you laugh and ask him out for a coffée.

– Like randomly just ask him out??

– Yes! When he looks chocked you just walk away and say “Just think about it.”

So there you go girls! At least you know how to get a Greek…

I told him that in my case this would work. He said that it was a bad advice since it only applied to a very narrow range of men.

Well, what can I say, maybe I’m picky.

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Veronica and Ann-Sofie

Last Saturday we did not only celebrate Finland’s 91st birthday but also Veronica’s and Ann-Sofie’s 30th! In honour of this they had decorated the entire church café in white and blue and invited all their friends for a party. I was happy to be named the photographer of the evening and here are some of the pictures I took:


programMe and Ulrika...and Johanna......and Hanna. 


...det ska få lysa klart!det lilla ljus jag har...


Det lilla ljus jag har




Vatten i skon

vatten i skon



buga och bocka


palaverAnn-Sofie's teamVeronica's teamjuryn

JuhaElin och FrediPetterMariaCissi och SofiaLudde och Simppeparty people

party pingla

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Christmas worship

I just thought this was so sweet! And I know that we have many wonderful and powerful Christmas songs, but how often do you find a Christmas worship song? Can we please please please sing this next Worship night!?

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