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My day in pictures

Inspired by the wonderful blog niotillfem I dragged my camera with me to work to make a one-picture-every-hour documentary of my day.


good morning breakfast

Since I cut off half of my fringe I have to braid my hair in the morning to keep the other half from showing. Porridge and the book of John 6:1-15 for breakfast.


insitu view

I finish staining my larvae (the small black dots in the dish are larvae cut in half and then turned inside-out). The view from our lab, greenhouses containing mutated plants.


grammar Madonna concert

I’m correcting the English grammar of a grant application that was to be sent today. I’m so good at English it’s almost scary… We are checking the exact location of Madonna’s concert – ticket’s are to be released 9.2!


angst monster

Shinya comes to work at 11.30, announcing that he has slept 12 hours. The night before he only slept one since he had to prepare for a presentation he was giving at the Journal club. The red light in the dark room turns me into a monster while I’m waiting for my Western to develop.



Tikka for lunch. And I try to explain to Vassileios that you can freeze other things than meat, rice for instance, or bread – even porridge is freezable 🙂


computer game monkey

Zhao in action. Note the glove on his left hand! My monkey tries to motivate me to keep on reading.



I just want to take an Asian nap. Was stupid and stayed up until 1.30am last night watching “A love song for Bobby Long”, but it was so worth it!


moving fridge

One group from our floor is moving out so today they handed out free folders. Joy and happiness! Our fridge. Note the tea box on the bottom shelf, Shinya used it to smuggle fly pupae from Japan.


tulips sleep 2

I leave work early since I stayed until 8pm yesterday. I buy some tulips, and then I finally get some sleep.


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childhood fringe



Oops! Now why would I go and do something stupid like that…

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Oh, and I saw The Narnia Chronicles – Prince Caspian. Review: Little kids killing people and then funny enough, you come to think of how great God’s love and mercy is. And this song was just so beautiful…

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lanternsPicture from a New Year’s festival in Helsinki city center. Sometimes I think Shinya is right when he says the Chinese will take over our country/the world…

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Australia, the movie

As long as Baz Luhrmann is alive, so is romance!

As I’ve said before: I strongly believe that a woman’s first “dance-movie” will affect her future life choices (at least concerning movie watching). Mine was Strictly Ballroom and my taste in film is thereafter.

Baz’s latest creation is Australia, a tale of a British aristocrat who, in 1939, finds herself traveling to her husband’s farm in the northern parts of Australia. There she intends to snatch her husband away from his affairs with the “blackies”, the aboriginal women, and sell the farm and all the cattle.

However, fate has something else in store and when she arrives at the farm she finds her husband murdered and some of her cattle stolen. Then the story goes on and on for three more hours. We see beautiful landscapes, a whole lot of Hugh Jackman’s upper torso and learn a great deal about what happens to the little creamy colored kids that litter the farms.

These creamies were children of white men and aboriginal women. As they were not considered strictly black the church took it on itself to turn these heathens into good citizens. As late as the 70s, kids could be taken from their mothers to be placed in homes where they would be re-educated. In practice this meant prohibiting them from learning anything of their aboriginal heritage. But just as their mothers, they were still considered second class citizens.

The main charachters are played by Nicole Kidman (I was so distracted by her swollen lip that I hardly had time to notice the quality of her acting) and Hugh Jackman, but the real star of the movie is the little boy, Brandon Walters, who plays Nullah – a creamy that lives on Nicole’s farm. He is also the narrator of the movie, like a story-teller giving us his favourite fairytale. Because this is what Baz’s movies are about – they are stories, often very predictable but beautifully crafted, with a sense of magic in them. Or maybe they are just a little more colorful way of describing life itself…

I added the trailer just because it is so nice 🙂

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I’ve got a new pet! His name is Oskar, he’s dark brown and very very sweet. Two people can easily fit ontop of him but I think he’s perfect just for me and my legs.

He is kind of high however, so if I ever have to give him away I think he would be perfect at a home for elderly people. Haven’t they just concluded that having a pet makes old people feel happier and live longer?!


A bigger form of Oskar. You can picture him chopped off just before he makes a turn…

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Listening to Radio Rock at work…

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