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Movie time

I just wanted to recommend a movie to all of you who have Sub-TV. It’s called Järntrean/Rautakolmonen/3-iron and airs tomorrow at 9pm. And don’t worry about it being on Finnish TV – they don’t say that much, in fact I don’t think the main character says anything at all.

It’s a Korean movie about a homeless guy who breaks in to peoples houses when they are away from home. As a payment for their “hospitality” he washes their clothes before he leaves. One day he breaks into a house that isn’t empty. There lives a women who decides to leave her abusive husband and follow the life of the homeless guy.

At least this is how I remember it… 🙂 A beautiful and sad movie. 



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Thinking by yourself

A guy at work is presenting his dissertation this upcoming month and he is now looking for a place to have the traditional karonkka or party. When checking out different restaurants online he suddenly exclaims:

– Listen to this; vinaigrette, parfait! Why can’t they just write it in Finnish, this is just snobisms from some chefs that want their food to be called art!

And yes, he was serious. What do you say to this? I hardly think it would help to explain that anyone who has ever tried to look at a cookbook should know these terms. And that, to say the word vinaigrette in Finnish you would have to use a whole sentence.  

I tried to come up with a good reason to why this man had such little knowledge and thought that it could have something to do with fear…

But I shall spare you my theories since they all came to nothing after I heard an other remark that he gave the same week. It had something to do with how he thought vegetarians were stupid and how upset he was that they tried to force him to stop eating meat because of environmental reasons, and how this almost made him as upset as some feminist ideas.

Yeah, I just came to the conclusion that we can’t all share the same opinions (or should I say knowledge, or should I say intelligence…)


Nothing wrong with meat, at least you know what you get – or do you?

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…vi tar det på svenska

det kommer ner stora snöflingor där ute och jag sitter framför datorn och har kollat in fluggener hela dagen å e lite sur på chefen eftersom jag har kollat fenotypen för brinker, eller egentligen inte jag utan Evely, men stor skillnad för liksom varför ska vi göra helt onödiga saker som att kolla hur en flugvinge ser ut om inte brinker finns där eftersom det ju är så självklart att det kommer att bli fel och vi vet till och med varför och så finns det ingen som säger åt oss att men snälla söta rara inte behöver ni spendera all er tid med att samla obefruktade honor för att korsa dem med misslyckade hanar och sedan vänta två veckor för att se någonting som vi och antagligen resten av världens drosophila människor redan vet så bara sluta upp med det och gå och gör vettigare saker som att kolla in CG whatever och se om den har någonting med någonting att göra, men då det inte finns någon sådan person utan vi måste komma fram till det själva då händer det såna här grejer och då borde jag väl egentligen vara glad att jag var så smart att jag faktiskt kolla vad det är jag sysslar med innan jag egentligen gjorde det så att jag alls inte behövde göra det i alla fall

så det så,  nu känns det lite bättre

(så här kan man skriva om man sitter och har tråkigt och läser massa 16 åringars bloggar, då börjar man liksom tänka lite som dem och då slår det slint värre)

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Saturday in Pictures

Wonderful and very tiring day.

Spent the morning at our church’s Women’s brunch. And the afternoon washing up after the brunch, together with the lovely Mikaela and Sofie – and some other women as well 🙂

The evening was spent at Tiina and Marie’s place, discussing the importance of doing research, the pain of giving birth and listening to old “classics” performed by a random choir of Fila guys 🙂


The decoration scheme of the brunch was Easter and I got to take one of the little daffodils home with me.

fruit sallad

The most wonderful of fruit salads containing: farmer’s cheese (bondost), pineapple, apple and cashew nuts.


Marie had yet again bought me some Galler chocolate from Belgium! This time it should be right; my favourite is (hopefully) the Café au lait

pink is the colour

My outfit for the evening was pink pink pink, and so are my toes – very summeresque.

Hope you had a wonderful day too!

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Male vs Female

Thursday mornings are reserved for pulla and Journal club. JC is a seminar where a PhD student have to present a resent article that they find interesting. The pulla is just there to make people show up on time – if you’re late = no pulla (bun).

Today’s presentation was about mammary gland development. A very interesting subject that for some reason has been highly neglected in my education. It’s fascination to know that we (that is we women) have an organ that is constantly developing – not only at puberty, but during every menstrual cycle as well as during and after pregnancy. I’m talking about our breasts, if you hadn’t figured it out by now.

And then the strangest thing – why do guys have nipples, it’s not like they need them. In fact, male mice don’t have any nipples at all!

Something that not all may know is that every boy is formed with the potential to become a woman. It’s true! If it wasn’t for some genes on the Y chromosome the sex organs would develop into those of a female. So I guess the nipples are a remnant of that potential. Poor guys, so close but still so far away 😉

However, a question that I and my colleague couldn’t answer was this: Do male dogs have nipples, or male cats?? I really can’t remember. Maybe some of you might know…


Well, neither Mickey nor Minnie has any nipples in this picture – Disney censorship perhaps…

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(Something that might not be so interesting for anyone else but me, and perhaps my mother)

Ah, I realised something yesterday! We were talking about washing dishes and one of my colleagues came out with this statement:

“It’s such hard work to fill up the dish-washer but even worse to empty it!”

Now, I would ordinarily think of this as something of an insult since I don’t own a dish-washer but have to wash everything by hand – THAT is hard work (although I don’t have to get my water from a well and then boil it before I use it). But then I came to think of something…

I have always wondered why people don’t empty their drying cabinets before washing their dishes (for you who live outside of Europe, a drying cabinet is a cabinet that’s over the sink where you can put your dishes to dry. The shelves are made of metal bars that let the water drip down into the sink and the air flow freely in between the dishes, thereby speeding up the drying process.) Anyhow, back to the filling-emptying issue:

Most people I know tend to fill the drying cabinet up and then, when needed, take out a glass or a plate, drink from the glass eat off the plate, wash the glass and the plate and then put them back into the drying cabinet. It’s an eternal cycle, keeping the plate and glass from their rightful places in the kitchen and making the drying cabinet so full that you are afraid that something might fall out every time you open the door.

But now I noticed that people have the same problem with their dishwashers. They wash their dishes and then take something out whenever it is needed, letting the dirty dishes pile up in the sink while they slowly empty the dishwasher.  

And here is then my realisation: My inability to understand others stems from my abnormal upbringing! In my family the dishwasher is emptied every morning and whenever we’ve finished eating something we put the dirty dishes straight into the machine. The dishes are washed in the evening and the whole process starts again the following morning.

I therefore tend to empty my drying cabinet before I do the dishes!

I have now come to the conclusion that I’m far from normal when it comes to washing dishes!


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And then you can become so happy when you come home and find an invitation card to your cousin’s wedding! And what a sweet card it was, even better than the engagement card I got a couple of months back. If I ever marry I think I have to copy the idea 🙂

So, Andreas, my younger cousin from my father’s side, is getting married to the lovely Monica in June. It got me thinking of the good old times and I found this picture (which I now publish without his permission…)


And don’t ask me how old we are here. In fact, Andreas is only half a year younger than I and as it was summer I guess we were the same age 😉 Maybe my mother knows – 5 years old??

And as Monica is now my soon-to-be-relative I will add her to my blog list.

But another one of my cousins is also getting hitched this summer, namely André, and therefore I gladly add his future wife to my blog list as well. You find her under the name Sofia.

And the happiness continues as I found some long lost underwear in my training bag today! I thought I had lost them in some terrible wardrobe accident, you know the ones where you think you accidentally put your panties with your socks and then suddenly they are nowhere to be found. I had almost given up hope, and rightly so, since they must have been in the bag since September…

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