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I got this pin from my care group. It translates to something like: Where was it I was supposed to go?

I think it’s wonderful how, as a Christian, you don’t just say goodbye and good luck to your friends but how you can actually bless them and pray that God will lead them in the future.

Today was also my last day at Fila, my church, before I move to Turku. Of course it feels sad to leave but at the same time, my move to Turku feels like the absolute right thing to do.

They gave a farewell party for me at work this Friday since my boss and his wife are going on vacation next week.

And it seems like they know me 🙂 I got two cook-books, one on how to make sushi and one devoted entirely to chocolate.

sushi kokbok

choklad kokbok

 Lisa had even made a card with a origami chocolate cake, I must say it was the one I liked the best of all her amazing creations – three birthday cards and one card for my graduation.




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(spoiler alert! only for those who have watched the movie!)

So I had read the reviews before watching this movie (Låt den rätte komma in/Let the right one in by director Tomas Alfredson). Everyone said it was great. A sweet coming of age story about a boy who befriends a girl-vampire.

In my eyes, this was not the case.

Did anyone actually think that the girl was helpless, sweet, loving…? I thought she was a manipulative thing. Yes a thing.

It becomes quite clear when she says that she’s not really a girl. Some might think that she refers to being a vampire. Some might think that it’s because she’s so much older than her 12 year appearance. I think it’s because she’s not human at all – she’s like a rock, a manipulative rock.

There are no feelings there. She’s just using the boy to get someone to do stuff that she’s not able to do. Just like she used the man that followed her around in the beginning. The one that she brutally pushed aside when he couldn’t fulfill his tasks. Or actually, he was already so brainwashed that he sacrificed himself for her.

And now, she was moving on to a more suitable candidate. Someone who would ultimately face the same death as his predecessor.

And because of the lack of emotion I actually found the movie boring. I was watching a weak boy and a manipulative rock that needed each other in two very different ways. The boy needed someone to feel that he existed and the girl/rock needed someone to be able to exist.

To call the movie sweet – I don’t know what they were thinking!

eliEli aka the rock

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I am named after my great-grandmother Ida, and I think it’s quite a lovely name. My older relatives, however, were very suspicious of how appropriate it would be to name a little girl Ida. But this was of course in the 80’s and anyhow, older relatives tend to frown upon any name you give a child. I still remember how funny my grandmother thought it was that her second great-granddaughter would be named Amanda. “Ha ha, Manda – that was the name of our maid.” (I think what she actually said was “our fat maid”, but I’m not 100% sure…)

Anyhow, it just struck me today that it’s a true shame that my friends would have to think twice before naming their kids Ida just because I have been given that name. (Not that the name would give any negative associations but just make them think of me)

But they have found some other very lovely names instead:

Edith, Neah, Elsa, Elias, Edvin, Wilma, Kaleb, Alvar, Thilda, Cajsa, Iris, Mila, Levi, Elvira

just to name a few 🙂

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I spent half of my Friday cursing Itella (the Finnish postal service).

First of all I cursed it for the fact that it always takes two days to send anything, from a small postcard to a large package, from Vasa to Helsinki even though they kind of promise that it will only take one day.

Then I cursed it’s bosses for being incompetent fools to have started to downsize the company, closing down half of all the post-offices in our fine country. This will of course only give Itella more trouble since people aren’t even able to send letters anymore. Instead we rely more and more on the ever present R-Kioski who now sells stamps and distribute packages from H&M. (Here I spent some time thanking God for R-Kioski and it’s more than competent bosses.)

After going to the post-office with the one and only bus that can take me there, I started cursing Multitronic. (This was not until I had cursed Itella some more for not even being open on a lousy Saturday, forcing me to go there on Friday even though I still had a temperature.)

At the post-office I namely noticed that the said package that I would receive from Multitronic wasn’t actually a package but a letter! They had just put the “package” label on it, forcing the post to make me come and pick it up and sign for it. (And yes, as you may have noticed, Itella brings nothing heavier than 50g to your doorstep.)

The cursing of Multitronic continued into the evening.

When I opened the “package” I found the case to my harddrive. Multitronic had sent my harddrive two weeks ago but forgotten to send my case. So two phone-calls later I finally had the case in my hand – even the right case – things were looking a bit better…

But after putting together the new harddrive and the case and plugging it to my computer, I found that the problem I had had two months ago was still very much present in that I had no way to access the harddrive. The new harddrive was totally worthless and if I wanted a third one I would probably have to wait another two months. Cursing continued.

Then I read a very refreshing chapter from the book “Birds without wings” by Louis de Bernières. Here a man named Georgio P. Theodorou is cursing the men in charge of the war between Greece and Turkey (year ca 1920). He is doing so while drowning after being chased out into the sea by a mob of Turkish soldiers. He, and his fellow Greek/Christian countrymen were hoping that the Greek battleships in the harbour would send out people to rescue them from this horrible death, which they obviously neglected to do. So here he is drowning and cursing, not only the Turkish side, but maybe mostly the incompetent leader of the Greek army.

And I came to the conclusion that at least the incompetent leaders of Itella aren’t causing my death.


 This book is actually quite nice – a bit long, but nice. It makes you think about how easy it is to one day call your neighbour your friend and the next day kill him for no good reason at all. And it also made me understand Vassileios a bit better when understanding that the Greek empire and the Greek-Orthodox religion might have screwed with people’s heads a bit.

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So I recently saw a picture of what the inside of our heads really looks like and now I can fully appreciate the damage that regular flu causes.

Check out the nasal cavity:


And now picture it filled with snot. It’s like one third of your head! No wonder it feels like your entire brain is stuffed with cotton…

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Every time I get sick I am horrified by the decay of the Finnish television. Where are all the reruns of Little house on the prairie or MacGyver?? There is absolutely nothing on between 10am and 1pm, and when they actually start to air something other than TV-shop we are forced to watch shows like “we’re having a baby”, “E! Entertainment” or something relating to plastic surgery.

So what to do at five o’clock in the afternoon except catching up on The bold and the beautiful. Today’s episode was named: Brooke and one woman’s soap opera.

Some qoutes

-Respect the ring…no more sneaking into the sauna, it’s inappropriate!

-My God, your life’s like a soap opera!

– He’s enganged to another woman. – So, I’m just going to except that!?

And after the loving advice of the ex-wife (“I want you to put the chaos behind you…”) the screen suddenly turns blue and they have to jump three scenes back to get the thing started again. We then have to listen to the same repetitions all over again and the plot doesn’t even have time to come to the place when we all got a mini heart attack (when the screen turned blue) before they have to show the end-notes.

Well, we’ll just have to wait til tomorrow to see if something dramatic happened at the end. The next episode is called: Flowers from the maestro.

b&bCan you find Ridge…

Curiosity: The legendary Beritta Markkula who writes the headlines for the series has also written a short story on how wonderful she thinks the series is, you’ll find it here (in Finnish).

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New Job, New city

Next month I’ll probably be living in Turku/Åbo. I got a job as a PhD student doing research on the epididymis (bitestiklarna). Hurra for that!

Now wish me luck, I think I’ll need it 🙂

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