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När man far utomlands och vill uppleva en annan kultur brukar jag:

1. Fara till en begravningsplats. Detta är väldigt informativt, tro mig!

2. Läsa en dagstidning. Tyvärr inte så lyckat om man är i säg Frankrike och inte kan franska – men om man råkar vara i Sverige, Irland eller Hongkong så kan det vara mycket trevligt.

Om man reser till Finland och kan svenska så vet jag inte riktigt vad man kan lära sig. Orsaken är denna – våra tidningar är så fattiga att vi nöjer oss med att kopiera sånt som andra länder har skrivit.

Ett exempel från dagens husis:

I en kort notis om Vadehavet står det så här: “…Området är långgrunt och tidvattnet ger området en särskild prägel. Områdena kring Vadehavet är mycket populära bland semesterfirare. Det är vackert.”

Och jag svär, det är så hela notisen slutar: “Det är vackert” punkt. Ha, jag undrar vad det stod i den engelska versionen 🙂

Och ja, jag medger att jag lusläser min tidning. I HK gick jag ner till vårt common room och läste tidningen i flera timmar varje lördag och söndag. Li Min tyckte att jag var lite konstig…


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           gröna öar   ro ropå vatten

i himlen

stad på vatten


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mini vacation

This Friday I’ll take the boat to Sweden.

And I sure need the break. Today was another of those days where you wonder why you went to work at all. Everything failed and I have to do the same PCR for what feels like the trillionth time… After finishing my PhD I’ll have the patience to take care of twelve teenagers.


Another realisation.

I’ve found a design flaw in my apartment. Everything that falls out of my bathroom cabinet seems to end up in the toilet. And because of how narrow the cabinet is – that is of course the main reason 😉  – things fall out almost daily. Maybe I should just store everything in the toilet from now on and use the sink for other purposes.


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Can you believe, I bought a CD where all the songs are in Finnish – and I’m so happy!

But you have to be quick, I think it’s kind of illegal to put a song on youtube like this 🙂

And if I could sing I would so sing this on some childs christening or when they are being blessed by the congregation:


Sinä päivänä kun luoja teki sinut /Hän ei muuta tehnytkään./Heräs aikaisin, otti kynän käteen,/rupes siinä piirtämään

Päivä kului mut hetkenkään lepoo/piirtäjä ei kaivannut./Aivan niin kuin olis hurmoksessa ollut/mestari valmisti sut.

Se kuva oli kaunis, oi, ihme suorastaan/muodon jumalaisen sait./Kuvan viereen hän merkkas, ettei suhun/päde kuolevaisten lait.

Niille, jotka yhä epäilevät Luojaa/sanon vastaukseksi vain,/että jos ne edes kerran näkis sinut/kaikki rupeis uskomaan.

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Work and no play

My room mate at work (maybe it’s called office mate) has gone on maternity leave and now I’m all alone in our office. That’s not really true since Matteo and Oliver are sitting in the room as well, it’s only that they are foreigners and as such they tend to come to work around 11-12 o’clock. And my desk is also separated from their space by a big shelf so the only thing I see of them is when they say good morning, or hurry past on their way in or out of the room.

(I always get confused when they say good morning as I’ve probably already had my lunch by that time, should I then answer with a “good morning” my self or give them a glearing I’ve-already-been-here-for-three-hours “good day”?)

Anyway, before Katja left she told me to look after her desk so that no-one would have taken it when she returns in the fall of 2010. But there is not much that I can do. The day after she left a guy came to check out her computer to see if he could steal it away. And, I’m embarrassed to say, I am already using her labcoats. We’re not a rich department and recycling is good for the environment, no…?

You might have noticed that Katja doesn’t even take a one year leave of absence. This is not uncommon in our line of work. Another pregnant women, who is a group leader, is not going to take the month off work that is required before you give birth, but is planning on staying in her office until she is forced to go to the hospital. She is just not going into the lab, because if she was to break a machine the insurance wouldn’t cover it since she shouldn’t be at work in the first place.

Someone also made a joke during our coffee break that if someone got the swine flu they shouldn’t stay at home but instead they could put the whole lab into quarantine so that everyone had to stay at work 24/7. As we don’t have such a physically challenging job we could probably manage to do some experiments even though we had a fever of 39 degrees C.

What other workplace would have such a hard policy – the stock exchange…?

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I went to the library to borrow some magazines. And I thought it was my lucky day when they had all the latest issues of Damernas värld and Amelia. I quickly grabbed two copies of each, but it was then that I noticed…

they all had little notes on them. And what did it say on the little note? That I couldn’t borrow the magazines!

I was shocked and stunned and demanded an explanation. But still trying to calm down I thought “I don’t really know the system here in Turku, maybe they keep the magazines you can borrow on another shelf”.

Approaching the lady at the info desk I put on my best smiling face.

“excuse me, but is it so that you do not lend out magazines?”

“oh well yes we do, but they have to be one year old.”

“ONE YEAR OLD?! How long have you had such a rule?”

“Well for a very very long time now.”

“But… WHY??”

“I guess it’s because they were always lent out, they were never in their shelf.”

“But… this must be the ONLY city in Finland where there is such a rule!”

Now the polite smile the info lady had been keeping up went a bit stiff and I felt it was time for me to go. Of course I couldn’t blame her for the laws that the city has.

But the logic to this! Because they were in such high demand they just decided that no-one, unless you have enough time to sit and read in the library for a couple of hours, can borrow the magazines.

My mother jokingly told me to write a letter-to-the-editor. And why not…?

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today’s topic: piercings between breasts and when you alt. your child got rid of the pacifier (tutten)

today’s e-mail: “If you feel bad about your “environmental footprint” in the WB lab, hug the hood, remove pollution and plant some new boxes of pipette tips there.” A not so angry letter about how you can improve the lab environment 🙂

today’s scariest: a tame squirrel that wanted to climb on me like I was some kind of tree. He was sitting beside the road and I decided to sit down and talk to him for a while. But this was a crazy squirrel – he didn’t even react when a dog walked by! And I swear that what I saw in his eyes wasn’t a I-wonder-if-she-has-some-food but very much like I-wonder-if-she-is-so-stupid-that-she-would-let-me-climb-up-and-scratch-her-eyes-out. Left the little maniac alone after that…

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