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Poor Matteo, he is taking a course in Finnish and to help him out Juha has thought him some useful phrases. Now every time they meet, Matteo greets Juha with a happy: Mitäs äijä! Something he obviously thought ment “what’s up!”

M: I tried to say “Mitäs äijä” to a girl but she got real pissed off. Did I say it wrong??

J: No, but she had the right reaction 🙂

“Mitäs äijä” means something like “what’s up, dude!”. Yes, you should only use this if you’re talking to a guy!


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Today a day like other days


I couldn’t get access to the work plan I’m writing until one o’clock. They had some problem with the network service.

I couldn’t add references to my work plan. RefWorks is an idiotic program.

I couldn’t transfer a mouse to another cage since it was running and jumping like crazy. I had to ask one of the animal care takers to do it for me. embarrassing!

I went home to bake a cake. Used 4dl cream, two lemons and 250g shredded coconut. And 2dl salt!

And I’ve been so happy!

A happy song to sing when nothing is going your way:

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I was challenged by/got an award from Carina to name 7 things you might not know about me. Thank you Carina! And if you’re wondering who this person could be just follow the link above or find her name in my blogroll. She is a childhood friend of mine who’s now married and has her own house and two beautiful daughters. AND she is currently building the sweetest doll house I’ve ever seen. So envious. I’d like to have some kids just so that it wouldn’t look so vierd when I want to play with toys.

Kun tämän palkinnon saat
Kiitä sitä jolta sait tunnustuksen
Kerro seitsemän asiaa itsestäsi, mitä muut eivät vielä tiedä
Anna tunnustus seitsemälle
Linkitä nämä blogissasi
Kerro näille seitsemälle tunnustuksesta

Seitsemän asiaa itsestäni:
1. I have a pattern phobia. I get really nauseated whenever I see certain patterns, for example the seed house of a sunflower when it’s getting a bit old. 2. The movie that I’ve watched the most times is Charlies Angels. I just love it, despite the sexism.

3. I collect icons, but you probably knew that already. I’m just telling you so that if you go on a trip to one of the Mediterranean countries you could remember to bring one back for me 🙂 I currently own six.

4. I never failed an exam when I was at Helsinki University. AND I wrote all of them (except maybe one) on the set date. (I figured this would be the perfect time to brag…)

5. This year, I ordered a take out pizza for the first time in my life.

6. I’m still afraid of needles, after being a diabetic for five years! But I’m only afraid if they’re longer than 5mm and someone else is pushing them into my arm.

7. I tend to read at least two foreign fashion/interior design magazines a month. In a year I’ve probably read five times the amount of magazines compared to books…

marie claire   livingetc

I hereby reward/challenge:

  • Lena
  • Ulrika
  • Janne
  • Jeannette
  • Hanna D
  • And just anyone who’d like to join in 🙂


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*The best yoghurt in Finland – Kalinka top, by Ingman. Totally artificial. When other yoghurt brag about containing real berries, this one only contains some kind of froth. But it tastes great!


*After living without mascara for two weeks due to a stubborn eye infection I now have great lashes 🙂

*Other things that make you feel like you’re good-looking, for example when a guy starts talking to you in the street, just like that, for no reason what so ever.


*My new blood glucose monitor. It looks like a tiny porsche, and it has wireless connection. What more can you ask for?!

*When Oliver sings Monty Python’s “Every sperm is sacred” at work.

*Finding a place for the things you love. I’ve now got two icons standing in the shelf above my stove, and my beloved indians of course!

en av de två indianerna

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So this weekend it was time for the annual Action festival at my old church. And of course I went!

Beautiful people and music by Hillsong Stockholm and Fila’s own band. Plus Andreas Forsberg with band, who was forcing everyone he saw to buy his new CD.

And I even saw my cousin’s daughter Elin! Either I’m getting old or she is, I vote for the latter 🙂

Hillsong Stockholm

Andreas Forsberg & Friends

Andreas & Petter

Three beautiful ladies. Marie, Hanna and Mikaela. And Mixu was kind enough to let me sleep in her bed! I was kind enough to leave her with all the dishes…

Take home message from the weekend:

Just like we in today’s society are trusting the government and its organizations to care for people in need, we can look at the church in much the same way. We let the systems that already exist, in forms of outreach, Alpha groups, annual Christmas gifts for the poor and so on, dictate what we are able to do. Instead of looking at what we can do, we look at what our church can do… Quite a strange thing when you think about it.

It might be time to take some responsibility on an individual level!

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I have some work to do

Here is the infamous sign – now with the addition of Oliver’s skull.

tagen med telefon

And yes, it says ubuntu on our door as Matteo has declared it a Linux zone. I have not yet succumbed to the idea…

If you want to see what my colleagues have done in their lives you can just look them up on PubMed.

Friday evening I spent talking in Finnish. And even singing in Finnish:

Sä joka päivä töitä teet

Joka ainoa aamu C-vitoseen sä meet

Ja ahkera oot ollut niin

Että valmis oot vihdoin uudenlaisiin haasteisiin.

hela gänget

Here are most of my colleagues after singing in Taija’s honor. She has just got her PhD and is now moving on to new challenges as the song goes.

My boss is the woman in the front row with glasses and holding a glass. I am the stupid looking one in black stockings.

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