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The theme of this year’s Christmas party was “Every sperm is sacred”. The boys had us sing the theme song and then handed out hats so that we’d have the right attire for the night.

We were split into groups and named according to the theme. My group was Fertilization – and we actually ended up winning the first prize!

Sticking to the theme, the boys had made a sperm piñata, filled with words that we later had to make into a poem.

The food was just great; cream potatoes, steak and various salads. For dessert – Irish coffee cake

And then a quiz – I now know everything there is to know about sperm…

My boss Matti gave his annual magic act. Nina is assisting and Marko was the light master.

Tricking the underwear of both Heli and the other boss, Jorma

And then Oliver was found a bit lacking…

The evening ended in dance and I saw the greatest party trick ever; getting everyone onto the dancefloor with a video on how to disco:


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I have seen the light

For exactly 2.5 hours last Sunday…

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Today I don’t feel like an idiot

Three things that made me happy today:

1. I aced my interview for the PhD school. I was so good that I even made them laugh!!

2. I was so incredibly smart that I put some rubber finger pads on when I went to inject my mice. They could bite all they wanted but to no use – nothing could penetrate my rubber 😉

3. And I found 200g of chocolate just lying on a shelf in my kitchen. This equals one very tasty mudcake!


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A newbe

So Markus is blogging from the US. He’s my second-cousin (little cousin, if translated straight from Swedish) my younger second-cousin from my mother’s mother’s side of the family. That  means he’s tall – like all my grandmother’s brothers and he’s also inherited my family’s musical talents. Currently he’s residing in Chicago, getting to know the music scene and the soup kitchens there. And finding out the truth about America – it’s exactly like we imagined it, annoying commercial breaks and all!

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Some things are harder to swallow


I was so hoping it would survive. The little mouse with the kidney problem. But here is what’s left of her.

The piece of the scalp that her mother thought too hard to swallow. She ate the brains though.

Poor little thing. And poor me who had to take care of the remains 😦

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På tal om svenska

Varje dag publicerar Husis en liten notis från 20 år sedan. Den 6e november 1989 intervjuades Jörn Donner med anledning av Svenska dagen. Han sa bland annat:

“En god finlandssvensk är en person som talar både svenska och finska. Bor man i Finland måste man behärska majoritetens språk, fastän man råkar vara en minoritetsrepresentant själv. Ju äldre jag blivit har jag ändå alltmer förstått modersmålets betydelse. Ett modersmål får man genom att läsa. Och läsa.”

Och man blir ju lite upprörd. För detta är en person som uppenbarligen inte har talat svenska på flera år. Det är lite så jag känner själv. Man har alltså inte möjlighet att tala sitt modersmål eftersom man bara umgås med finnar.

Och man undrar: vad är ett modersmål om det bara är nedskrivet?

Jag önskar att jag kunde tala svenska som mina mor- eller farföräldrar. Med en dialekt som var så tydlig att man kunde säga om jag var född i Hankmo eller Kvevlax. Men tyvärr så föddes jag i Sverige och miste en del av min finlandssvenska identitet.

Och däri ligger problemet. Mitt modersmål är inte det nedskrivna, anonyma svenska språket, men den nyanserade finlandssvenska, det som förändras när man går från by till by, från region till region.

Mitt språk är mitt folk. Det är någonting som syns och hörs – inte bara på papper.


Såg just på Himlaliv och Patrik Hagman. En sak jag tyckte han sa bra var om språket i kyrkan. Hur vårt modersmål inte längre talas i församlingen.

Och det kanske stämmer. Vi är inte längre tvingade att lyssna på bibelverserna på latin men kanske har vi ändå gjort predikan obegriplig för den stora massan.

Har kyrkan sitt eget modersmål?

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happy reunion

I’ve spent a wonderful two days at Hyytiälä, a research center north of Tampere, together with both current and former colleagues. It was great to see the people from Shimmi group again and just made me realize how much I miss them!!

A full program of lectures, a poster session and food food food. Here we are at the dinner party. Shinya at the end of the table. Second guy from the left is Oliver and opposite to him sits Matteo, both share the same office as I in Turku.



We had also some games. Mari, Zhao and Jaana are wondering what the pictures should portray. Jenni and Maria (a trainee from Germany) is wondering if the egg really is protected by Oliver’s constructions.


And there was snow!! In the picture, Jenni and Heli from Turku.

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