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Merry Christmas



This Christmas has thought me:

After spending three days in my apartment due to the flu, I stepped out to find a pile of spruce needles outside my door.

Lesson: Even though a Christmas wreath (julkrans) might look pretty on your door – if you’re living in an apartment building you might want to get one made out of plastic, or at least one that’s not breathing.

It’s a given that Turku would have its own Christmas market.

But even though it’s a beautiful city I won’t be spending my Christmas holidays here, but from 22.12 to 3.1 I’ll be in Kvevlax with my family 🙂

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year!


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Technical stuff

So today I bought a new computer.

I know nothing about computers, but the purchase went quite well since I called my brother before even consulting the salesperson.

I: So I need a laptop, 15”, I don’t play any videogames – I just want the battery to last for longer than 10min. And I don’t want an Acer!

S: Well, we have some nice Acers…

I: I don’t want an Acer!!

S: Ok, you don’t want an Acer 🙂 Here’s a good HP.

And then I guess he tried to explain how good it was but all I heard was bla bla bla, GB, bla bla bla.

And I ended up getting that one. After calling my brother again, just to confirm that I wasn’t getting ripped off.

Then the salesperson wanted me to really consider (he said it twice) paying 200 € extra and then if my computer broke in the first two years I could just bring it back to the store and they’d fix it for me.

I said no.

Then he wanted me to get an insurance that would cost me 200€ so that if something happened to my computer (he suggested that I’d spill some cider onto it) I would get a new one for almost nothing at all.

I said: 200€!! No.

Then he asked me if I had a program to protect my computer from viruses.

I: I don’t really know…

S: You don’t know?

I: Well I guess I do have one.

Which is basically true since I remembered downloading some program that my brother said would be good.

Then he asked if I had Office.

I: I don’t really know…

S: You don’t know?!

Then I tried to explain, in Finnish, how my computer had crashed when I was abroad and how I had to get Office from an American student who had got it from her school – and how this was not quite legal, but to conclude: I did not have an Office per se, like on a disc, but just on my current computer.

I don’t think he understood much of what I was saying.

I: But what if someone I know has Office – maybe they could just give it to me?

This, I later found out, is quite illegal as well but the salesperson was a nice guy and said something about how everyone was downloading it anyway.

So now I’m the owner of a butt ugly HP that will hopefully work. I say hopefully since I haven’t turned it on yet.

This is how much I like computers; I can’t even muster up the enthusiasm to charge the batteries. It will have to wait until I get home to Kvevlax where my brother gets to play with it.

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Italy: Bergamo

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Just a nice picture of me and Li Min in Italy. More to come when I’ve recovered from my flu…

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We met an exchange student from the US who had been in Athens for at least half a year. She and her friends were now traveling through Europe before returning home for Christmas.

A: So, I don’t… Where exactly is Finland?

I: Do you know where Sweden is?

A: …

I: The Nordic countries?

A: …

I: Scandinavia?

A: …

I: Well, it’s way up north. It’s the country Santa comes from.

A: aah

And I could just hear the following debate on whether or not Finland actually is at the North Pole – because isn’t that where Santa’s from??

And I’m not the least bitter, because I myself managed to live almost a year in Hong Kong without ever learning the names of the different provinces of China.

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