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Last weekend

Mia and Jeannette came to visit me last weekend – and kind of occupied my entire flat. Here is the double bed they slept on, it was like having a boat in my livingroom 🙂

And I’m still eating the leftovers from our breakfast!

Thank you for a wonderful time!


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I started my day by fixing my bathroom “shelf”. Sick of having it fall down three times a week, I removed the suction cups and hung it around the shower pole instead. All this was done at about 6am. And yes, I am a morning person.

At work, my new pink sweater wasn’t the only thing that I got compliments for.

People were still talking about the amazing presentation I gave yesterday. During our weekly Journal club I reviewed an article about how childhood viral infections could prevent you from getting type 1 diabetes later on in life. In two days I managed to make the most wonderful power point presentation and now people are calling me a natural talent when it comes to speaking in public.

What can I say – I just love being the center of attention 🙂

After work I had lemon merengue pie at the most wonderful café called Elvina, and afterwards I went to see the Guy Ritchie version of Sherlock Holmes. A movie where they don’t just beat people to a pulp but they tell you how they plan on doing it – broken knees and all. Quite lovely…

And then I had the pleasure of seeing this picture at The Bloggess. It’s a baby in a chicken-alien costume. Something I could definitely see my future child wearing 😉

To sum it up: I’ve had a perfect day!

Oh, I almost forgot – I saw an ad for a new diet soda with blood orange!!

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Today’s Friday

Today they photographed my eyes causing me to look like I was high on drugs from 8 to 12 am. The nurse who gave me the eye drops said that the pupil of dark eyes tend to dilate slower – I wonder if it takes longer for it to return to normal too…

Then I got a coffee maker for free!  As I don’t drink coffee myself I thought that you Mia could tell me what brand you’d like me to get for next weekend 🙂

I also did some research on why scientists think I’ve got diabetes. Turns out I might have been infected with an enterovirus attacking my beta cells, causing a downregulation of insuline production and death of the cells. So in short: I got diabetes from biting my nails (you know fecal-oral transmission…). I proposed that you could scare you’re kids from biting their nails by telling them that they would have to inject themselves five times a day if they continued on with that behaviour. Matteo said that you could just tell them to wash their hands…

I really like my work environment. We  had our Friday meeting today and Sonia received a gift as she got married during Christmas. And our boss said:”We all love you but we are happy that you’ve also found a soul mate”. I think it’s kind of nice that you can stand as a group of 30 people and  collectively say that you love your colleague!

This evening I made ice-cream. 1,5dl milk in which you melt 85g of chocolate and 175g of marshmallows. Then you whip 3dl of cream and mix it all together. Pour it into a bread tin and place it in the freezer for 2 hours. Done!

I just tasted it and it was soooo good!!!

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A card made by Neah, it’s a prince, a princess and in the middle a cat.

I had a lovely Saturday in Helsinki, spending time with some people I didn’t get to talk to that much the last time I visited.

Went out walking with Mia, ate fajitas with Ulrika and had birthday cake with Jaana.

Not only this but I also got some ski-pants from Mia – that she had used while she was pregnant  (needless to say, they fit me perfectly…)

And I realized that I’ve been saying meatbottle instead of meatball in Finnish. It should be lihapulla, not lihapullo…

A very rewarding weekend indeed!

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I went home and spent my Christmas doing what I’ve done for 27 years now.

We watched Donald Duck on Swedish TV.

And the traditional family photo was taken – courtesy of Olle.

We ate lots of leftovers.

We took the ferry to Bergö to visit my grandparents.

There was singing – that was interrupted by my grandmother who took the opportunity to hand out candy.


And there was lots of snow – and a new house underneath it all.

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