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After studying for my book exam for one month now – reading about 50-75 pages a day, we’ll have a two hour exam tomorrow. Two hours to answer 4 questions! One of the questions from 2006 read as follows:

” The recent recognition of the critical roles that dendritic cells play in the immune system has resulted in their increased scientific scrutiny. Give characteristics of dendritic cells including their cell surface receptors, their maturation stages and their migration. Discuss their antigen presenting function. Finally, describe their ability to regulate the acquired immune response both in inducing T cells and in suppression?”

I mean, what the…!


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Maybe it’s a bit short for a Doctor’s dinner but at least I have something for Hanna & André’s wedding 🙂

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But since Lena thought my mouse epididymides looked a bit strange I’m now giving you a more detailed picture of the organ.

Hope this helped 🙂

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Today I could read all of the 75 “have-to-read” pages in The Cell, so tonight I’m celebrating by trying out my new chocolate pipe.

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Bachelorette party

We had a wonderful time at Hanna’s bachelorette party yesterday 🙂

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We had a recreational day from work and went out walking with snowshoes in a nearby national park.

And I tell you; it’s hard work walking like Donald Duck, especially in 30cm of snow… I think I’ll leave the snow shoes at home next time 🙂

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