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Two weeks ago I had the privilidge to take some pictures at Hanna and Andre’s wedding. Such a nice party – and what a beautiful bride!! Have a look 🙂


I wish you all the happiness in the world!


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Gårdstomte – Labtomte

If you come up with a conspiracy theory every time an odd sock goes missing – try working in a lab!

On a regular day you can lose your only good pen, a multi channel pipette and ten tubes of western ladders.

How is this possible?

Well, Oliver thinks there’s a crazy scientist who goes around stealing stuff. Since he can’t get any funding he has to build his lab on stolen goods – I’m just waiting for a centrifuge to go missing!

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Movie time

So today I went to a seminar for new PhD students. There, we were forced to watch a movie. A very, very depressing movie.

Somehow the organizers (who by the way had already watched it!!) thought it would be inspiring.

The movie/documentary followed three PhD students in their work.

After 45min you started to wonder if this was some kind of test to see who of us would start crying, run out of the room and swear never to return to the world of academics.

After another 15min the movie ended.

Then, one of the students in the film, a crazy guy who was close to 40 years old, had managed to graduate after publishing one article in Science. This was his only success during the 4-5 years he was working in the lab.

One student had pursued another career after realizing that doing research was too depressing. One scene pictures him almost crying, driving home after another failed experiment. The guy: “But you learn a lot more from your failures than from success.” His boss:”And you’ve learned so much this last year!” (And that was supposed to be comforting!)

And I almost forgot; In the process of finishing his PhD he broke up with his fiancée because she wanted him to get a job that could enable them to start a family. I bet he was happy about that when he got the job as a finance adviser for a pharmaceutical company!

And the third PhD student in the movie dropped out after only two years of studies. And the reason? Science is just too depressing! 95% of the time your experiment fails and the 5% of the time you succeed it only leaves you with double the amount of questions.

This is what I have to live with!!

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I heart guts!

Oh, how I’d like to own this little testis pin – it has even got an epididymis!

You’ll find it and other cute organs at I heart guts

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video time

two nice videos that I found from other blogs

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A tip

You can visit Turku Castle free of charge every Wednesday in March at 4-6:30pm.

But a word of warning: There are LOTS of stairs! Perhaps not a good place for small children…

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Last year it was Underlandet goes Australia – this year they’re in Japan! Watch it on FST5, Thursdays at 20:30.

My favourite country!!

Does anyone want to go there with me?? Anyone?

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