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Well, at least it has reached Glasgow…


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I spent quite a lot of money in Scotland. Not only on the underwear I was forced to buy. In Edinburgh I found several shops that were exactly like walking into the internet. It was a strange deja vu feeling and I felt like buying everything in the store. Unfortunately my Visa only allows me a credit of 1600 euros…



And then I just had to get the mandatory Pilgrim earrings and some extremely cheap magazines!

Pretty things do make me feel happy!

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After having a very productive Saturday I’ve been spending my Sunday at home with a terrible headache. I think it’s because of a lack of coffee and it’s so bad that I feel sick to my stomach and haven’t been able to eat any lunch. So no more coffee for me!

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Update 22.4

I’m currently sitting at Stockholm/Arlanda airport drinking latte and eating a ridiculously expensive sandwich. (Jag frågade efter en örfil men de fattade inte vad jag menade, vaddå e inte örfil svenskt?? – men nu när jag har sagt örfil ca 15 gånger för mig själv så börjar jag också tycka det låter lite märkligt…)

It seems like I’ll be home tonight around 1am after flying from Glasgow to Copenhagen and then from Copenhagen to Stockholm – now I’m just waiting for my flight to Helsinki and then I’ll take the bus home to Turku.

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Update 19.4

I’m STILL stuck in Glasgow! The airports in Copenhagen and Helsinki will be closed tomorrow until sometime in the afternoon which means I have to book another ticket. AND I couldn’t get a hold of my travel agency today. Great!

I think I’ll go and see Loch Lomond tomorrow. And then I HAVE to buy some new clothes.

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Here in Glasgow the sky is blue, and that is apparently the colour of volcanic ashes as well, because I’m still stuck here and will be until Tuesday!

Now, I wouldn’t mind that much if it wasn’t for the clothing issue. I planned on travelling for three days, not seven! And I hate shopping. Nothing else to do but to buy some washing powder…

Now I have to read some pamphlets on what you can do in Glasgow.

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A vulcano!!

I might be stuck in Glasgow tomorrow – because of a vulcano! As it looks now, my flight will leave as scheduled, but I wouldn’t mind spending an extra day in this city, especially with this nice weather.

(The internet is too slow at my hotel for me to upload any pictures, more to come when I get back to Finland)

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