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Some of the many relatives and friends I saw yesterday…

Levi wants me to buy some ice-cream

Edith is pretending to sleep

My cousin Jakob is having an open house party five evenings in a row (almost, he had a break on Monday). Very nice, with pancakes and popcorn, good company and music – everyone is invited, so hurry up – you’ve only got two (or is it three) more evenings…


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My brother recently bought a townhouse apartment with a small garden and while he and my dad was busy tearing down the old bathroom I did some damage of my own.


I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished. Afterwards you could actually see the size of the garden but it felt like I had been spray painted with grass – next time I’ll definitely wear an overall…

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I’ve had a wonderful first week of vacation. Went to the beach, to Jakob’s days, have seen almost all of my relatives and still done nothing much at all.

Even though it’s got quite cold, I’ve still had time to enjoy some warm weather. Last Saturday, we spent the whole day at Storsand (loosely translated – bigsand) and I got a wonderful tan that I hope will stay on until I get back to work.

At the beach, Edith, my cousin’s five year old, saw my tattoo and asked what it said.

I: Frid (peace)

E: Frida? (a girl’s name)

Then she tried to wash it off while we were swimming. She poured water on it and when that wasn’t effective enough she started rubbing it. I tried to explain that it wouldn’t work but she just got really pissed off 🙂

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Here is the result of my labour – it took me a lot more hours than I first thought it would – but now it almost looks like I’ve painted the words on the wall instead of just using an adhesive plastic film.

The weather is still lovely. I was out walking for over 2hours yesterday but when I woke up this morning I realized that I’d got bitten by a horse-fly (broms). So now half my leg is swollen and I’m staying inside for the evening – so much for the lovely weather.

And more bugs await me when I get home to Kvevlax in a week. The last two weeks of July will be spent in Kvevlax. Then a few days in Helsinki before I take a flight to Denmark. In Copenhagen I’ll enjoy three nights at a four star hotel. (If I’m sick and not able to go however, my wallet will suffer the consequences of the word “non-refundable”.)

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mera habegär

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I got an amazing Ki67 staining – you get to appreciate success more and more with each failure…

After work and my amazing immuno I went to the medieval market and got this:


Italian gelato (lemon sorbet) and a gorgeous pink bag in reindeer skin!

And as this wasn’t enough I found that Turku had jump started the cultural year of 2011 by placing a sculpture by Kim Simonsson outside the cultural café. You can see it in the lower right hand corner in the first picture. I would so like to own one of these, just that I think, with my small apartment, it would be like living with another person.


But I’m continuing to decorate with what I have. After several hours the wall looks like this (and I still haven’t made my bed…)

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