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Went to pick sunflowers at Ruissalo today. Unfortunately they weren’t in bloom yet but I got some half-dead cornflowers (blåklint) instead. The 45min ride home didn’t make the bouquet look any healthier…

I resisted the urge to take a coffee break, but this bus driver didn’t 🙂


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Maybe I should have gone to Flow…

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Last weekend I got my first experience of festival life when I attended Ankkarock. Although it was a mild version (we did not sleep in tents, it didn’t rain) I did get my lack of sleep since I had to get to work the following morning.

I went there with the ever so lovely Mixu. She wanted to see the Baseballs and I wanted to see the Sounds. So together with a lot of suomipop and rock we got to witness girls screaming every time one of the Baseball guys did an Elvis and to see Maja in her teeny tiny shorts. A very nice day indeed!

Unfortunately I did not bring my good camera, so here are some lousy pictures

The Baseballs. I just felt sorry for the musicians that had to play in ties and black trousers. It was hot as something else – I was wearing a top and a short skirt but could still feel the sweat running down my back. It felt especially fresh when they asked you to clap your hands above your head – no respect for the neighbor there…

The only picture I got from the Sounds’ concert.

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Bought some swallows in Denmark and have now ruined my wall while trying to put them up. The wall was so hard that even the hardest little nail I had refused to go through it. I hammered and hammered but couldn’t get further down than through the layer of paint and plaster. I hope they won’t fall down – but at least I’ve got my bed right below so they might be safe…

Today has otherwise been very nice. Got to talk to my boss for two hours, finished my abstract for a conference in Kuopio and bought a cleanser and lotion that my colleagues’ daughters use against their acne – so maybe I’ll get rid of my teenage skin, keeping my fingers crossed.

A closeup of the Mexican icon I bought in Copenhagen.

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Tour Copenhagen with Ida

Here is a short guide to Copenhagen.


If you’re not one of the lucky Italians who have their own bus you can always tour the city by; boat, kayak, balancing scooter or the most popular vehicle: the bike. The latter should be very convenient for those with kids. There are special bikes with big boxes in front where you can store your children or your pets. You can even bring along a small sofa so that you have somewhere to sit while you eat your lunch by the canal.

What to see, what to do

You should definitely go on a boat-tour along the canals!

Climb a church tower

Go see the botanical garden and the nearby museum

The museum was a good example of how the Danes combine new and old architecture. Another example is the main library which is truly beautiful. It is called the black diamond since the water from the canal is reflected in its black surface. I asked one guide if the Danes had been positive to all these new buildings, he seemed to become quite offended by this question and just said: “We like change”. Well there, something that the people of Helsinki should learn…

Visit Tivoli at night

What you shouldn’t do

Don’t walk along stroget (the main shopping street) but go explore the small side streets for cute interior design stores. I found one that sold Mexican icons!!

Don’t go visit the little mermaid, especially now since it’s on vacation to China. You can see a copy at Tivoli instead.

 That’s it folks. I did a lot more than I’ve written here but I have to admit that a three day stay in Copenhagen is too short for one to be able to see everything. Especially since most of the stores and the museums are open from 10am to 5-6pm

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Back from Denmark I’m so tired that I haven’t even been able to do the laundry – now what will I wear tomorrow??

To feel a bit more prepared for work tomorrow, I’m medicating myself with All-bran, which is like candy to me. Although I very much enjoy this I do have one problem. Reaching into the jar of flakes my upper and lower arm have to separate from the position they were in while I was eating. And this gives me an icky feeling every time. As my apartment is very hot at the moment, the bend of my arm is sticky with sweat and stretching my arm out makes the lower and upper arm stick together for what I suppose is a nano second but what feels like a lot longer.

I mentioned this feeling to my family while I was at home. They very supportively laughed at me and told me that no-one else feels this way. My mother went as far as saying it was like my pattern phobia.

But there has to be someone out there who has the same sensation! I get it when I’m for example out running – makes me almost lose all interest in sports (if it wasn’t so that I’ve never been particularly interested in the first place…). And now I get it when eating candy in a hot apartment.

Maybe the lack of exercise will be evened out by the fact that I feel to disgusted to eat candy.

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Picture of the day

It’s a gigantic horse ass.

Sometimes you just don’t know what they were thinking…

I’m in Copenhagen. Have walked around a small part of the city, bought some beautiful things and taken a boat tour. It was a very nice day 🙂 And best of all – it did not rain! Until now, now it’s pouring down. I hope it’ll stop until tomorrow.

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