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Yesterday was the annual recreation day at work. This year we went to Naantali (where you’ll also find Moomin world) and then we visited our president’s summer residence. She wasn’t at home which was good for us as we could go and snoop around the main house as much as we liked. unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side and I came home with some very wet feet.



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And it doesn’t stop

There’s a new gift every day I get home from work. I’m a very lucky person indeed!

Now I’ve got  icons round my neck and not just on my walls. Thank you Lena!

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I’ve been working my ass off for the last couple of weeks, close to 60 hours/week with no extra income. But it was well worth it since I got to go to the FinBioNet symposium on Thursday and Friday – this year held in Kuopio.

I’ve never been to Kuopio before, and embarrassing as it is to admit, I thought it was somewhere at the hight of Tampere. This is not the case as it takes around 6 hours to get there by car/train from Turku.Me and three other colleagues decided to take a road trip and rented the cheapest, and thereby smallest, car we could find – a Volkswagen Polo.

Fortunately it was us girls that had to drive so we got to sit in front while the guys had to cram themselves into the backseat.

Here they are, Matteo with the typical Italian hand movements and Oliver eating candy. Between them you’ll spot the icebox Oliver brought with him from work. This was filled with dry and well as regular ice to keep the six-pack of beer cold during our journey.

Here we are in Tampere. Already a bit tired, so tired in fact that when Oliver started to sing “Närmare Gud till dig” in Estonian, I joined in with the Swedish version.

Hanna did not trust my driving skills so she drove the whole way. Fine by me as the only thing I had to do was to keep her calm whenever we got behind a truck driving the constant 80km/hrs. I was, already at this point feeling quite ill, sore throat, runny nose, so I think it was only for my and everyone else’s best that I didn’t get behind the wheel.

While in Kuopio we listened to some varied seminars ranging from Science in media to a lecture on peat bogs (torvmyr), and then we had the standard poster sessions, they look something like this:

Here we present our data on 90x120cm posters. But after listening to the lecture “Common mistakes in the world of digital imaging” I wanted to throw my poster in the trash – I don’t think I’ll be using it again…

Kuopio as a town is very small, even though the mayor said it has 100 000 citizens. But it was beautifully located next to some lakes and we had a good time walking around the place. (Although Hanna did not find the famous kalakukko that she wanted to buy)

As Hanna had been living in the city until she was 19 years old we had a pretty good tour guide with us.

Here’s Matteo with his goodie bag. Everyone of these seminars are sponsored by some companies that are then allowed to come and showcase their new products. At these exhibitions you can also get candy, and if you are like Matteo: mugs, pens, cloths to wipe your glasses, hand disinfectants, pipette tips, mousepads and so on. But I managed to get the best thing of all; a 1G memorystick!! This was a small compensation for the laser pointer Matteo managed to win at a seminar some weeks ago…

To sum it up: I had a very good birthday in Kuopio and a very good couple of days together with some very wonderful people!

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This is for you Anna-Karin. Have you seen anything more beautiful (only that I’d given the chair a bit different upholstery…)

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Mixu sent me some more pictures from Ankkarock! Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to put up any pictures of Mikaela herself but here are some of the music and one with me and the hat Mixu bought. (and you can just compare these pictures with those that I took – maybe I should just throw my camera out the window…)

Finnish group Disco Ensemble. Who I thought was quite bad until I heard them live. Here is a video – and I must say that the lead singer looks so much better in a beard! So there is still hope for all of you guys who don’t like to shave…

But we only listen to DE for about 15min before we had to hurry away to the Baseballs’ gig (Just look at this picture, now I don’t even need Li Min’s Korean camera – I could just settle for Mikaela’s!!)

The Sounds


Me and the hat on our way home.

Thanks for the pictures Mixu!!

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Have a talk with God

I’ve been attending an Experiencing God course this summer – a course on how God is at work all around us and how He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him – very good to get a reminder once in a while!

But that is not what I wanted to talk about…

One person in my group recommended this video from Godtube. I thought it was right on so many levels – I mean the clapping, come on 😉


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