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Like going away

I’ve had a luxurious weekend and it’s all thanks to my parents.

They arrived in Turku on Friday and filled my fridge with all the apple sauce and blueberries I need to get through the winter.

On Saturday I got to eat hotel breakfast (my favourite thing when traveling, I kid you not!)

Then I got a new pair of shoes and felt slightly embarrassed standing next to my dad when he paid for them. I’m 28 and should actually be able to pay for my own shoes. However, when my folks are around they frown at the mere mention of me paying. So I usually just go along…

The day continued with Les Miserables at Åbo svenska teater and a late dinner at Smör, one of Turku’s best restaurants.

The musical was well worth going to. The singers were excellent, mostly Swedes but there were a few Finn-Swedes there as well – made me long for Kristina från Duvemåla even more!

However, the story did not seem to follow any logic. It was like Claude-Michel Schönberg had made a 6 hours long play and then some stupid theather director slimmed it down to 3 hours.

Well anyway, here’s the trailer.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend too!


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I have seen the future

If there were more guys in church…

Instead of the very thin version of the Bible that preachers like to carry around, they would all have iphones. You just insert a search word and the Bible verse you’re looking for will automatically pop up.

This is the case at our church’s mini conference where my old prayer group leader Toffe is speaking.

And we’ll soon have to change the menu for church coffee from cake to chicken wings since about 50% of all people are on the no-carbohydrate diet.

And call me old-fashioned but I’m still shocked to hear two guys discussing the benefit of eating real butter instead of margarine…

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…what’s on your kitchen table?

My table is 70x70cm big, and on it you’ll find:

  • Papers from three chocolate bars
  • Papers from two daim bars
  • A jar of flour
  • A jar of sugar
  • A strainer
  • A set of keys
  • Two recipes for the food I’m going to make this weekend
  • A couple of eggplants
  • An empty yoghurt jar
  • A cutting bord
  • A lemon without its peel
  • A tea cup
  • Three knives
  • Two spoons
  • A grater
  • Plastic wrap
  • A bag of chili nuts
  • A bag of grated coconut
  • A bag of basil
  • Some icing sugar
  • Two eggshells
  • A saucepan
  • A plate
  • A thing for my baking tin
  • A mat to place saucepans on
  • Some measuring devises

Guess what I’ve been doing 🙂

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And after rain comes…

I’m working my ass off as per usual

Tuesday was a fantastic day.

As I could leave work at 4pm I had time to clean my apartment, do the dishes and go to the gym. There was a substitute gym instructor that day and she was almost as crazy as the ones in Helsinki. She had us do 100 push ups. In Turku they are very nice and tell you how many you will have to do – in Helsinki they would just pretend that they didn’t know how long the song would last. I don’t know which way I prefer…

Wednesday was a wonderful day

I got to see how they make the tissue blocks. Very interesting indeed. Here is a link to how it’s done.

And as I left work at around 7pm I got home in time to go to the BodyCombat class. Can you believe it, I went to the gym two days in a row!

And then I watched yle areena, Little Dorrit is one of the most beutiful things I’ve seen recently.

And today I had the pleasure of working with my wonderful colleagues. Only that should brighten the worst of days

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working my ass off as usual

Tuesday was a good day.

I finally found my bicycle light, hidden in my winter-coat. How convenient… This little lamp, or rather the lack of it, had kept me in a state of terror for a whole week. Every time I turned a corner I was sure there would be an evil policeman to hand me the dreaded fine of 20 euros. But now I’m safe – at least as long as I can remember to bring it with me.

Wednesday was not such a good day.

It all started when I came to work, already stressed out of my mind, and my boss asked me “are you very busy today?”. So then I had to make some cDNA and do a couple of qPCRs for her. And my day ended with a mass murder at around 7pm. It’s never fun to break the neck of two week old mice.

And those little hair nets you have to wear at the animal department! Afterwards it looks like someone tried to strangle your forehead.

But this week has not been as tiresome as the previous.

That week I did two different immuno stainings, one northen blot, a couple of genotyping PCRs, had a meeting with my boss, wednesday seminar, killed and dissected several embryos, went to the optician, to the dentist – and all in just 4 days since I had to go to Hyytiälä, the annual meeting for Finnish developmental biologists.

But that meeting was fun 🙂

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De e cirka 0 grader och regnar. Jag sitter och nästan-nyser. Därför tycker jag att vi lyssnar på detta:

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I have something in my eye that says ok.

I fried a worm today. I was so hungry that I decided the Estonian mushrooms I was about to cook were clean enough to put straight in the frying pan. Not a good idea. I managed to fish out some needles (barr) as well but I wonder what’s left in there…

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