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learn to count in Mandarine!


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We’re collaborating with a guy studying the same protein as we do, only that he wants to know what it does during bone development. He has bought some mice that don’t have any expression of this particular protein and our plan is to kill the pups at embryonic day 18.5, right before they are born, and see if they have any problems.

The first pups were ready for dissection a couple of days ago and our collaborator was happily taking all the body parts he needs for his studies. That is, he ripped off the legs and left us with a small part of the lower torso.

He then told my boss:

Bone guy: You should perhaps do a PCR to check if they have the sry gene – just to see if they are male or female. I’m usually not able to see the difference after dissection.

My boss: But we are studying the male reproductive organs…

Yes, when ripping off limbs the testis usually gets lost in the process.

(luckily for us, and for the guy who I believe felt a bit bad after that conversation, we found intact male organs in all animals of the appropriate gender)

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So I was in Helsinki last weekend. And during those three days I managed to get hooked on coffee – again. Spent most of Wednesday with a terrible headache until I gave in and had my fix. 15min after that cup of coffee I felt just fine. Imagine that…

When I told Matteo of my problems his comment was – Finnish coffee! You got hooked on Finnish coffee! Impossible.

And I know I’ve said it before but this time I do mean it: Never again will I drink this much coffee!

Picture of my hotel room.

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Off and away

Now I know how nicotine addicts feel when people tell them to quit smoking. On Monday there was a big sign on the elevator door at work. It said something like “stair-week, don’t use the elevator”. This is part of a campaign that strives to make Finns the healthiest people in the world by 20…something.

The rebel in me came to life. Screw them for telling me what to do.

I took the elevator.

But to compensate for my laziness I went for a jog today. I have come to the conclusion that city jogs are the best. Those where you have to stop every once in a while for a red light, and where cars are constantly driving by, prohibiting you and everyone around you from hearing your heavy breathing. Nice!

But no more exercising for me this week. I’m off to Helsinki on Thursday. It’s only me and Matteo that’s going. He wants to see the Sibelius park, I want to have some sushi. I think we’ll only do the latter. The Sibelius park kind of sucks. It makes tourists travel around half of Helsinki just to see a monument. It is a beautiful monument but there is absolutely nothing else for miles around and after taking a picture with the thing you have to get a bus back to the city center. To sum it up: if you’ve never seen the Sibelius monument, just think that you’ve saved yourself from a 45min bus ride.

Me, Sarah and the Sibelius monument.

Matteo also wanted us to share a hotel room in Helsinki. He is afraid that our grad-school won’t give him any more money since he has been travelling quite a lot this year. So to save a few bucks – or rather half of the travel expenses – he wanted us to book only one room. I voted no to this one as well.

And besides, as we are employes at the university we get a 20% discount as it is…

Just a funny video I found:

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