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Yes tomorrow it happens, after 10 years I’ll finally put on some hated white shoes and go ice-skating. If, that is, the weather allows – I’ve set the limit to -15 degrees but I guess I’ll freeze my feet off already at -10 so what’s the difference.

My colleagues really do have a bad influence on me…

Not only have I started to drink coffee but at this year’s Christmas party I learned the real meaning of the Finnish words kirkkovene (church boat) and pipari (gingerbread).

Luckily I’ll be home for Christmas, spending time with my family and getting back to my roots. No salsa dancing all night long, just movies and chocolate for me!

I’ll leave Turku on the 21th and return after New Years. A whole week and a half in Kvevlax.

And I’ve already bought a Christmas gift for all my relatives; the best game ever, GiftTrap (it even has a wiki page!). After hosting a game night last week, two of the guests bought it as well!!

Some pictures from the last time I was home. At my aunt’s birthday party – 50’s style

Me sporting false eyelashes and my brother with our grandfather’s old hat.



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