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It says it all

My supervisor told me about this video – and I must say that they nailed it (although I’m very happy at the moment and will probably publish in nature in a couple of months… )


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Different shades of blue

When doing my annual wardrobe cleansing I discovered something quite scary – I only own blue or red/pink t-shirts. Maybe I’m a colourist, you know, like racist, only that I discriminate against the colours yellow and green.

My body is taking after this trend as both my knees are in different shades of blue and red. Cycling in this weather is not going well and I’ve found myself flat on the ice-covered asphalt a couple of times.

And it’s not only my knees that are hurting, my wardrobe is quickly diminishing as my jeans are taking quite a beating from the falls. Today I went to buy a new pair of my favourite jeans. Luckily for me Turku’s Vero Moda is so bad that no one buys anything there – so my jeans’ size was still available! I’m now the proud owner of two identical pairs of jeans – only that one have a bit more holes in them…

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This Saturday, Turku celebrated the opening of the cultural year. As Europe’s capital of culture Turku invited everyone to a spectacle of fire and fireworks. Thousands of people made their way to the harbor and a few hundreds of those had the privilege to actually see the show – the rest had to watch it all on big screens.

We got stuck quite close to the harbor. Some guys, who I stood pressed up against, complained loudly. “Why didn’t we go to Fredi’s place to watch it on TV. Instead we’re stuck out here in -20 degrees, watching the exact same thing as everyone else in Finland – only that we don’t have sound with the picture!”


I went there with Heikki, Oliver and Hanna. And while Heikki and Hanna retired to a nearby bar, me and Oliver tried to get a glimpse of the show. And we succeeded!! We saw the last 10-15min of the show and I must say that the fireworks were quite amazing.


So if you want some culture, feel free to join me this year in Turku!

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Me myself and the TV

How is this fair?

1. The closer starts today and I didn’t know about it

2. The closer starts today, at 11pm, and I didn’t know about it

3. The closer starts today, at 11pm

It is almost 11pm

I can not go to sleep until 12

Why didn’t anyone tell me?

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