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Spring cleaning

My neighbors decided to match their cleaning with the climate.



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This morning the moon was big and orange – and the temperature was -28 degrees Celsius.

The ventilation system at work broke down at the beginning of this week. They got it working in the part where my office is, so now it’s only in the labs you need to wear gloves.

And in the animal department. As our mice can’t put on more clothes they are now treated to infrared lights and extra paper. But they should be able to survive at 15 degrees, right?

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Wisdom removed

My tooth is now but an achy memory.

After one and a half hours in the dentist’s chair, the kandi (student with bachelor degree) finally managed to pull it out. In four parts, but still.

As the tooth had decided to stay put his teacher had to supervise the procedure. I say teacher, but as the guy doing all the wiggling was about 23 years old the other guy was probably about my age.

I felt bad for the student as the older guy was a real show off and seemed to speak only latin except for when he was telling the nurse (also a student) to always use a surgical suction device for these kinds of procedures. He told her this at least three times.

Now I have a big hole where my tooth was. A hole in which all food want to get stuck – and probably give me blood poisoning as Hanna A. so kindly told me. No Hanna, I’m just kidding, I will be fine as long as I can remember to take my antibiotics. Not an easy task it seems…


Picture from the very cute blog My milk toof

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Well some guys decided to play with a sky-lift. Picture taken from my kitchen window.

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After having my annual blood samples taken last Friday, I thought I’d book an appointment with the doctor for next week. The only problem is that I don’t trust my doctor and would much rather go to a Diabetes nurse instead. I therefore called my healthcare center to ask if it would be possible to just see the nurse and not the doctor.

Day1: I call the healthcare center

I: Bla bla bla, Would it be possible to just see the nurse and not the doctor?

Nurse1: Well, you have to ask the Diabetes nurse, here is her private number…

I(calling nurse2): Bla bla bla, Would it be possible to just see the nurse and not the doctor?

Nurse2: Oh, I’m not the Diabetes nurse, she’s not in at the moment please call a bit later (although within the appointed time, 12-13 o’clock)

– I don’t have time to call that day…

Day2. I try to call the Diabetes nurse.

I(calling nurse3): Are you the Diabetes nurse?

Nurse3: Yes I am

I:Bla bla bla, Would it be possible to just see the nurse and not the doctor?

Nurse3: Oh, I’m only the nurse for Type2 Diabetes – do you have Type1?

I: Yes, but do you still think you could answer my question. I’d really like to see someone else than my regular doctor, who I don’t trust.

Nurse3: Well, you should see a Diabetes nurse and not the doctor. Have you recently moved to Turku?

I: It was over a year ago and I’ve already had time to have one appointment with my incompetent doctor.

Nurse3: Well this is completely wrong, you should have gone to the Diabetes clinic in the city center. Let me give you two numbers to the Diabetes nurses there. You can call them between 10.30-12 o’clock.

-It is of course past 12 so I have to wait until the next day to call them

Day3. I try to call the Diabetes clinic but the line is busy…

To be continued…

My question is this: Are all personnel at Turku healthcare centers separated by this big void that allows for no communication between them? Who is wrong, the nurse who gave me the doctor’s appointment last year or the nurse who wants me to go to the Diabetes clinic??

Maybe I’ll get the answers tomorrow

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Today I got a phone call from the school of dentistry here in Turku. They wanted to know if I would let a student pull out my wisdom teeth.

I said ok, sure. I mean, I’ve had 16-year-old wannabe hairdressers cut my hair so why not let a soon to be dentist pull out some teeth.

And the best thing is that I’ll get it done next week. If I’d have a surgeon do it, I would have had to wait a couple of more months.

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Ah wonderful day

I can finally relax after one of the most nerve wrecking presentations I’ve ever given.

Our boss has decided that we need to expand our views and has created a joint seminar between us at Physiology and the department of anatomy. It takes place once a month and today was my turn to give a short 15min presentation about my work and my results. As there were about 12 group leaders in the audience I felt a bit scared.

But it all went very well and it even sounded like a knew something about what I’m doing. Could answer all questions and got praised by many afterwards.

And as I’ve given a talk at this joint seminar, Tuula, our seminar coordinator felt so sorry for me that I don’t have to give another presentation for the entire spring!

wonderful wonderful day

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