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Work, what else…


Today I had to wear lipstick as it is just inhuman to have to get up at 5am two days in a row.

Then I thanked God that the lock on my bike hadn’t frozen shut during the night.

Biked to  work and started killing mice.

Moved some mice eggs from one petri dish to another, by suction, manually. The only thing I like better than this is dissecting embryos. Looking at small things through a microscope seems to suit me.

Then I slept for half an hour on the office sofa.

Got up and drank some strong Italian coffee so that I could focus on the presentation I’m giving next Monday.

I now have 18 slides and still only 10min to present them in.

Left work some time after five. Biked into town to take a bus to Hanna and our prayer group meeting.

And that was my day. (31st of March, not April 1st)

And now I’m just waiting for “the Closer” to start.


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Fooled in March

Went the whole day believing it was the 1st of April. And I was so sure I had found the April fools article in today’s paper. I thought it was this one, about getting rid of the Giant Hogweed from Finland. It just sounded so ridiculous, using 12 million euros to get rid of a weed.

So as I’ve already been fooled once, maybe I’ll be spared tomorrow…

And I definitely have to learn the rhyme about how many days the months have. March 31.

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Church outing

Went to Raseborg with my church this weekend. Nice weather, wonderful people, beautiful accommodations (Sjömansro) – and I even got to play pidron!


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Ok, so I took these pictures with auto exposure, but you get the idea. Spring bouquet, spring curtains and spring weather. Something to remember when the snow starts falling this weekend…

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For you who don’t read swiss miss

Found a link to this wonderful post about how movie titles have evolved. It was based on a site where they have collected an impressive number of movie title stills, ranging from the 20s to today’s block busters.

And it made me think of the actual intro to movies, not just the title/font used.

Ever since someone came up with the brilliant idea of putting a camera-man into a helicopter we’ve had to watch the same movie intro over and over again.

I’m talking about the one that starts with water. It can be evening, morning, noon, doesn’t matter. But there we are flying over what seems like an endless ocean. And then the camera angle changes, it swoops up and across the water you suddenly see it. The City with a big C. And by some heavenly power, all cities seem to lie next to water. And by some unexplained lack of imagination all movie directors seem to think that this is what we want to watch.

Please stop doing this! These kind of intros make me want to leave the movie theatre without even knowing who the third biggest actor/actress is – you know, the name that comes right after the film title.

Luckily there are exceptions.

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Abiding to tradition, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday (fastlagstisdagen) with a sports day. At 10am, I and my colleagues headed out to a nearby park where we risked our life and limbs by skating around in circles.

Me wearing skates for the first time in over 10 years. It’s touring skates (långfärdsskridskor), since I thought this model would prevent me from falling – and  I was right, my ass didn’t touch the ice for the whole one and a half hours we were skating!

Unfortunately Hannele, one of our lovely technicians, wasn’t so lucky. She came back to work with her arm in plaster and is now on a one month long sick-leave.

For me, the day ended on a happier note as I got to eat not one but two fastlagsbullar! I blame the non-Finns in our group for having no shame and just going for more and more buns – good for me since they only had the jam ones when I went for coffee.

My happy face 🙂

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