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Lovely things

Last week was really really great. Sun, friends and adventures. Now that reality and low temperature has hit us hard it’s time to think about the things I love this week.

 You can finally buy Sour cars from Citymarket. Yes!

I’ll get 4mm needles the next time I go to get more supplies. 5mm:s are so 2010.

After Spotify told me I had to pay if I wanted to listen to a song more than 4 times I turned to grooveshark. And life is good.


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You might remember the pillow I bought a while back. It had a picture inspired by some of Turku’s old wooden houses. When I saw it I was certain I knew where the “picture” was from. I’ve only seen two spots in Turku where old wooden houses stand next to a hill, and only one where there’s a house  on the hill as well.

And here’s the proof – I’m a Turku expert!


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