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Skepp ohoj!

Went to see the tall ships in Aura river today. It seemed like most people from Turku were standing in line to get onto one of the bigger Russian ships. It also seemed like most people from Åland were cruising the river, although their boats weren’t as big they were sporting very impressive tans.  

 And if you don’t have sails you might get further up the river.


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Spent my vacation with the most adorable people!

The vacation started off with a visit from Neah. She seemed to love everything about Turku, especially the church with its royal burial site. And luckily for us there was a lot more to see that weekend since animecon had brought hundreds of teens to Turku, all with different colored hair. Lots of inspiration for a young lady whose favourite color is pink!

Well at home I got to make two brand new acquaintances.




And I also met some old friends. Like Elvira.

And Noomi. Who didn’t want to stop playing peekaboo. Neither did I, but alas, I had to go back to Turku.

Hope to see you soon again!

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Keeping my apartment odorless

My fridge/freezer broke down yesterday. Enough said.

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Listening to

something that really distracts me from writing my article. It’s this and my computer crashing once every five minutes. I wonder if there’s a connection…

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As I was free this weekend I decided to just sit in front of the TV. A great idea since Jonas had been so nice as to give me some new series. (It was also nice of him to spare my brother from the inconvenience)

And I was a happy potato indeed since he knows my taste so well. Shameless was the series I watched. And watched. And watched some more. So now I’ve almost finished the first season.

But I’m a bit embarrassed to say that it took me about three episodes and reading the acknowledgements in the beginning to realize that this was just an American version of my favorite British series. It has the exact same name, plus the characters also have the exact same names, but still…

I take it as a sign of the excellence with which the series is made. And of how much they have managed to Americanize it.

As I always like to blame others for my faults I can also say that the reason why I didn’t realize the connection was that I’ve never managed to see an entire episode of the British version. It was aired at around 11pm on the Finn-Swede channel 5 on Saturdays. Not the best of times…

Quite fantastic, no matter which version you prefer. Me, I’m going to watch both!

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Prolonged vacation

Was so happy last week when I managed to work for only 8 hours every day – AND get Saturday off! Happy face inserted here 🙂

Today I only did half an hour overtime and that was completely my own fault. It namely took me several hours to choose the background color for my poster. And the result looked exactly like first version  – vispipuuro as my boss put it.

After terrorizing my fellow office-mates by asking their opinion, Marcin finally said: Maybe you should go with white, it’s a great contrast color to your pictures, just make the whole thing white.

He said it with his kindest voice and it actually took me a few seconds to realize he was kidding. This is how deep in color despair I was.

And it also proved one of my many theories stating that it is much more difficult to know if someone is being ironic if they are not speaking in their mother tongue or if the language spoken isn’t your own mother tongue. That’s why Finns and Finn-Swedes don’t get each other’s humor…


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I was there – Hillsong London 2011 at the o2 arena

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