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Spent my birthday at the university “summer” house. It was our last chance to go there since they are trying to sell the place. Anyone interested?


Heikki and Oliver sang Happy Birthday to me in different parts (?) (stämmor). I was hugely impressed!

BBQ until the last bus left for Turku.


I would like to say a big thank you to all who congratulated me on my birthday! I especially enjoyed the video from my relatives, stort tack till er alla!


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Black beauty

Bought this three months before I’ll have a chance to wear it, but how could I risk anyone else buying it before me. No pulla for me until Heikki has defended his thesis.

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Action Friday

Today I got to attend a press conference.

It started with my mother texting me about the fire at Turku University Hospital. I was on my way to work and as I couldn’t see any smoke rising to the sky I didn’t think much of it. Unfortunately the situation turned out to be a bit more serious than I first thought. The building where the emergency unit was closed off as was the building next to it – namely my workplace.

Groups of medical students and personnel were standing on the street looking at the police that tried to divert the traffic. But there were no firemen, no one to give us any information on what had happened.

People were talking about a fire that had started in one of the electrical outlets and spread through the wires from the second all the way up to the fifth floor. There were even some talk about floors caving in…

My workplace was not affected directly but as the ventilation system never works properly there must be a horrible stench now. Rumors started to go around that they had turned off the electricity in our building too. Terror! What about all our samples in the already quite unreliable -80 freezers?

We were told that there we would get some more info around 9 o’clock.

Went to the lecture hall in a nearby building and soon realized that this would be more than just some notification on when we would be able to go back to work. And suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by journalists from all of Finland’s major newspapers and TV-stations. After nelonen and helsingin sanomat had had their time to ask about casualties and how much it would cost and how long it would take to repair the damage, we finally got to ask the important question of whether or not we would get to go back to work today and if they would turn on the electricity soon. We drew a bland on both questions as no-one in the 10 people strong panel had the answer to such trivial stuff. But luckily a person from the audience knew that the electricity was already back on.

With a sigh of relief we were then able to take the rest of the day off.

And no, no-one died in the fire.

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