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Family gathering

Went home to Kvevlax last weekend to celebrate this wonderful woman:

My aunt Kerstin who, believe it or not, turned 50.

I also got to see someone for the first time.

A little Lias!

All these photogenic people…

And the traditional family portrait.

I hadn’t been home since Christmas and really enjoyed seeing all of my relatives (from my mother’s side of the family) at once.


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Sitter och ser på Karin när hon pratar finska och det är så trevligt när hon säger saker som mööbeli och liideri – hennes blog är faktiskt en favorit! Och om du missade programmet finns det på yle areena 🙂

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Sometimes my boss gets a bit confused and thinks he’s got lots and lots of money. Then he goes and buys something like this. THE BIGGEST TOUCHSCREEN EVER!!!


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I had nine out of ten of hullut päivät movie-tickets left this morning. Now I have eight. Eight to be used before the 31st of May. Are there that many good movies. I think not.

A proof of this is the one I went to see this morning – at 12.30. I have never been at a movie theatre that early before.

It was La Délicatesse with Audrey Tautou.

A French movie. A French movie that was 50% about allowing yourself to find love in the most unlikely places and 50% about dissing the Swedes.

Here is what the French think of Swedes:

1. They only eat Krisprolls and herring

2. They are tall and blond (not necessarily good-looking, which was a surprise to me)

3. They are depressed and listen to depressing music

4. And IKEA sucks

This is also all I got from this movie – it was not romantic, it was not enlightening, it did not give me any kind of emotion or though (except for “Why do Frenchmen hate Swedes?”)

I guess my point is this: don’t feel bad if you don’t get to see this movie.

And here is the trailer.

PS. You might wonder what other movies I’ll be forced to watch during the next month, the list is looking quite bleak:

One of the Snow White movies, one superhero movie, a cartoon, Hungergames, Men in Black III and (the only one I’m actually looking forward to) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

That makes six movies… and eight tickets, would someone please stoop so low as to come with me to MIBIII – please!

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Went to the US for a work conference and got to stay at the beautiful Snow Bird, a ski resort close to Salt Lake City.

I soon realized that all I’ve heard about America is true. The first proof came when driving from the airport and there was a big sign saying “Bomb Iran”. And watching the Disney channel made me seriously worried about our future. And in America it is totally OK to end a commercial with the slogan “it is not for women!”.

But on the other hand, the Americans are super polite. They apologize even though you are the one trying to jump the queue. And all the employees at the  hotel asked “How are you today?” when they met you in the elevator. And going to a conference in the US is not so bad as everyone there are experts at small talk.

Going to downtown Salt Lake City was also an experience. Not only because it was snowing on the mountain and +20 degrees Celsius in town, but as it is Mormon country it felt a bit like being at the annual Laestadian summer conference. Every woman over 20 was pushing a pram and it wasn’t unusual to see families of 6 out shopping.


All in all, I had a lovely time and wouldn’t mind going back there someday.

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Salt Lake City

My first time in the States. And what a shame that I don’t snowboard.

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