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It’s been months since I bought the adhesive plastic to decorate my hallway with but since all my ideas have seemed a bit out of place it was just left on my desk to collect dust. But today I got inspired and I must say I’m quite pleased with the result.

A bit uneven, but who cares…


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Things I like, May

1. My new improved hairdo

2. My first publication, soon to be found in PLoS ONE

3. This book, by the very talented and very funny the bloggess

4. Estonia’s song in the Eurovision song contest

5. This video. Maybe I should save the link on my phone and show it as an excuse every time I burp out loud.

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1st of May

I was lucky enough to score some tickets for Kristina från Duvemåla and as the musical is played in Helsinki I got to celebrate 1st of May in my old hometown and meet some old friends as well!

I must say that I really enjoyed the show, the scenography was amazing and the singers were all high class. Janne was kind enough to show us around the newly renovated theater after the show. Pictures from the theater and backstage (beneath the stage) where the musicians were stored away.


And here are just some pictures to showcase how big 1st of May is in Finland. The whole of Helsinki having picnic in one park.

All pictures taken with my iPhone.

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