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My mom’s corn


Jakobs dagar

Närpes’ theater


Visiting grandparents





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I attended my first board meeting of INYRMF in Münster, Germany. Spent the whole Friday in the city, together with this wonderful group of people.


We had a guided tour of the city. It had been completely rebuilt after WWII but was still modeled after the old street plan, as can be seen by comparing an old drawing with the current google map image.




In the evening there was a hot air balloon festival and we were lucky enough to have dinner in a garden close by.

Big thanks to Frank and his family for inviting us to their home and also to Ruth for organizing the program!

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Just thought it was funny


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New stuff

Happy about my new tables (30% off at Kodin1), finally getting some paintings on the wall and my bird.

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My creative cousin (who arranged the flee-market a few weeks back) organized an America inspired party. As the US has existed for quite some time already the possibilities when playing dress-up seemed endless. And at the party you found everyone from indians and cowboys to Ozzy and a recent Olympic gold medalist.

The hostess.

Dolly Parton’s boobs got a lot of attention.

Another handsome pair was my aunt Eivor and her husband Olle.

I came as an indian.

And ended up getting shot by a very cute cowboy.

But the prize for best dressed went to my aunt Maj-Britt as the Statue of Liberty and her husband Gunder as Steve Jobs.

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