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I’m in love with all the birthday presents I got.

I bought this tablecloth from Marimekko (now I just need to get some new curtains…) and I got the most beautiful of blankets from my bible group.

Aalto and a new sign for my bathroom.

And this song.


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I turned 30 a week back and celebrated it together with friends and family in Kvevlax. It’s getting too dark outside. 80% of the pictures were blurry, so there’s really not that much to see…



happy faces

the youngest guest



I hardly had time to talk to everyone and even less to take pictures. There was, however, a whole series of pictures of Stefan and Andreas but that was when I was trying out the flash and I don’t think they’d like me to show any of them 🙂

But I had a great evening thanks to all the wonderful people who was there and thanks to my parents who spent the whole evening in the kitchen. You can see my mother as the blurry figure in the first picture.

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Before you get to see the pictures from my birthday party I’ll show you some from this weekend when Pernilla celebrated hers. She turned 27 and had the (quite macabre in my opinion) theme of the 27 Club. All guests were asked to come as one of the many famous people who had died at the age of 27.

Here’s Pernilla herself, on the right, dressed as Amy Winehouse. Next to her is another Amy who had managed to get her hair that big by stuffing it with a pair of gloves.

And as it was Pernilla’s party she had made lots and lots of food!

Here are some other famous characters that joined the party:

Janis Joplin

Kurt Cobain


A scary looking Richey Edwards and the cake

Another Amy and Janis

And finally, a blurry picture of me as Amy

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