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How ladybirds fly.

mac/PC or…

Amazing kid

And just some really cute ceramics by Nathalie Choux.


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Things I like October

The best nail polish by far, is IsaDora’s. The wonder nail series is so durable and the wide brush makes it super easy to apply.

Picture proof. Here are my nails after four days of washing dishes, cleaning the apartment, baking and overall not paying much attention to the fact that I was wearing nail polish.

And if you want to try a new color you’ve seen some trend guru wear online, you just go to the store and what do you know, IsaDora has the perfect shade in stock.

Oh, and if you want the effect to last a bit longer it is of course good to cut your nails before applying the polish. Short nails are not as likely to get in the way…

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Being a nerd

This has become a very nerdy day. First off I went to find some new glasses. I still don’t know which ones to pick. And yes, they are different.

Then I sat down with my lemon-ginger tea to watch all the reasons why we shouldn’t trust Billy Bob Thornton with our lives (I personally still trust Bruce Willis).

And my day will end with a documentary on Jean Giraud, who gave inspiration to my favourite genre; cyber punk (documentary shown on YleTeema at 9pm).

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