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The very first Christmas dinner was with a selected few of my mother’s family. We were at my aunt Eivor’s place, which was decorated according to the season + a large number of kissing items.

E&O 3
E&O 1E&O 2        DSC_4040   DSC_4056

Olle had made a Christmas quiz for those who didn’t want to watch Donald Duck (or Sarah Dawn Finer).

E&O 4         E&O 7E&O 5E&O 6

One question was: who coined the expression “jul jul förkrossande jul” that my aunt had embroidered on a tablecloth. Feel free to guess!

E&O 8

E&O 9

The most exiting gift of the year (although my dad always finds his presents exiting) was the guitar my mother had bought him. My brother had managed to wrap it so that he had no idea what it was.

I didn’t have that much of a problem figuring out what Santa brought me.



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For once I took more pictures of my father’s side of the family, so I thought we’d take a look at the Christmas dinner we had at my aunt’s place.

Even before you go inside, their house looks like a winter fairy tale.

V&S 1


V&S 2


V&S 3


My aunt had such lovely Christmas decorations all around the house.


V&S 4




V&S 5


My cousin Camilla with family.


V&S 6


My dad and grand-dad.


V&S 7


V&S 8


V&S 9


Cousin Jonas with wife Hanna.


V&S 10


Linnea, Joy and Joel.


V&S 11


My uncle Dan and his wife Annevi.


V&S 12


V&S 13


Until next year!

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So looking forward to my holidays! Even though I’m spending Christmas at my parent’s place I’ve had some time to decorate my apartment as well.

Been discussing different Christmas traditions with my coworkers, too. In Germany, the child has to hear her sins before she gets her presents from Saint Nicholas, it’s something like: You have been bad to your brother. And in Estonia you’re supposed to read a poem or sing a song for Santa before you get anything. And if you don’t remember the words in the poem, Santa can hit you with some kind of rod he is carrying.

Am I happy to be a Finn!


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The latest album of Florence and The Machine. (Even though this song always makes me think of the coca-cola christmas jingle…)

The second season of Downton Abbey.

And all the Christmas presents I got!



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I went home and spent my Christmas doing what I’ve done for 27 years now.

We watched Donald Duck on Swedish TV.

And the traditional family photo was taken – courtesy of Olle.

We ate lots of leftovers.

We took the ferry to Bergö to visit my grandparents.

There was singing – that was interrupted by my grandmother who took the opportunity to hand out candy.


And there was lots of snow – and a new house underneath it all.

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Merry Christmas



This Christmas has thought me:

After spending three days in my apartment due to the flu, I stepped out to find a pile of spruce needles outside my door.

Lesson: Even though a Christmas wreath (julkrans) might look pretty on your door – if you’re living in an apartment building you might want to get one made out of plastic, or at least one that’s not breathing.

It’s a given that Turku would have its own Christmas market.

But even though it’s a beautiful city I won’t be spending my Christmas holidays here, but from 22.12 to 3.1 I’ll be in Kvevlax with my family 🙂

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year!

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The theme of this year’s Christmas party was “Every sperm is sacred”. The boys had us sing the theme song and then handed out hats so that we’d have the right attire for the night.

We were split into groups and named according to the theme. My group was Fertilization – and we actually ended up winning the first prize!

Sticking to the theme, the boys had made a sperm piñata, filled with words that we later had to make into a poem.

The food was just great; cream potatoes, steak and various salads. For dessert – Irish coffee cake

And then a quiz – I now know everything there is to know about sperm…

My boss Matti gave his annual magic act. Nina is assisting and Marko was the light master.

Tricking the underwear of both Heli and the other boss, Jorma

And then Oliver was found a bit lacking…

The evening ended in dance and I saw the greatest party trick ever; getting everyone onto the dancefloor with a video on how to disco:

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