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Church outing

Went to Raseborg with my church this weekend. Nice weather, wonderful people, beautiful accommodations (Sjömansro) – and I even got to play pidron!



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I have seen the future

If there were more guys in church…

Instead of the very thin version of the Bible that preachers like to carry around, they would all have iphones. You just insert a search word and the Bible verse you’re looking for will automatically pop up.

This is the case at our church’s mini conference where my old prayer group leader Toffe is speaking.

And we’ll soon have to change the menu for church coffee from cake to chicken wings since about 50% of all people are on the no-carbohydrate diet.

And call me old-fashioned but I’m still shocked to hear two guys discussing the benefit of eating real butter instead of margarine…

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…what’s on your kitchen table?

My table is 70x70cm big, and on it you’ll find:

  • Papers from three chocolate bars
  • Papers from two daim bars
  • A jar of flour
  • A jar of sugar
  • A strainer
  • A set of keys
  • Two recipes for the food I’m going to make this weekend
  • A couple of eggplants
  • An empty yoghurt jar
  • A cutting bord
  • A lemon without its peel
  • A tea cup
  • Three knives
  • Two spoons
  • A grater
  • Plastic wrap
  • A bag of chili nuts
  • A bag of grated coconut
  • A bag of basil
  • Some icing sugar
  • Two eggshells
  • A saucepan
  • A plate
  • A thing for my baking tin
  • A mat to place saucepans on
  • Some measuring devises

Guess what I’ve been doing 🙂

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hur sketans kul är det inte att gå på metallmässa 🙂

Nu tycker jag att alla ska gå in på metallmässans myspace sida och få den årliga dosen av luthersk liturgi!

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På tal om svenska

Varje dag publicerar Husis en liten notis från 20 år sedan. Den 6e november 1989 intervjuades Jörn Donner med anledning av Svenska dagen. Han sa bland annat:

“En god finlandssvensk är en person som talar både svenska och finska. Bor man i Finland måste man behärska majoritetens språk, fastän man råkar vara en minoritetsrepresentant själv. Ju äldre jag blivit har jag ändå alltmer förstått modersmålets betydelse. Ett modersmål får man genom att läsa. Och läsa.”

Och man blir ju lite upprörd. För detta är en person som uppenbarligen inte har talat svenska på flera år. Det är lite så jag känner själv. Man har alltså inte möjlighet att tala sitt modersmål eftersom man bara umgås med finnar.

Och man undrar: vad är ett modersmål om det bara är nedskrivet?

Jag önskar att jag kunde tala svenska som mina mor- eller farföräldrar. Med en dialekt som var så tydlig att man kunde säga om jag var född i Hankmo eller Kvevlax. Men tyvärr så föddes jag i Sverige och miste en del av min finlandssvenska identitet.

Och däri ligger problemet. Mitt modersmål är inte det nedskrivna, anonyma svenska språket, men den nyanserade finlandssvenska, det som förändras när man går från by till by, från region till region.

Mitt språk är mitt folk. Det är någonting som syns och hörs – inte bara på papper.


Såg just på Himlaliv och Patrik Hagman. En sak jag tyckte han sa bra var om språket i kyrkan. Hur vårt modersmål inte längre talas i församlingen.

Och det kanske stämmer. Vi är inte längre tvingade att lyssna på bibelverserna på latin men kanske har vi ändå gjort predikan obegriplig för den stora massan.

Har kyrkan sitt eget modersmål?

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So I have to admit that when I moved to Turku I was quite tired. Church tired that is. And not tired from going to church but from all the responsibility I had in my church. The last year in Helsinki I had been: coordinator for the Action festival, head-dishwasher for Women’s brunch, leader of the ushers and organizer of the interpretation. Not all at once, but still… And all very fun things, but still…

So when I moved to Turku I thought; OK, this is my chance to just relax. Take it easy for a while and just be.

But what happened! I am now involved in building a church!

So I guess all Christians should be church-builders, but it is a bit different to belong to a church where there are hundreds of people and one where there are maybe 30.

What I am saying is that I now have to scrape off all the organizing, planning and list making that took up most of my life in my old church and instead focus on praying and building a family.

And I feel so blessed!

Blessed because of what I’ve learned in my old church. Blessed because of what God has thought me throughout my life. I’m so happy to have been a part of both Elim and Fila – and now Friffe.

Life is growth and God is the one who sends the rain to make it possible.

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So this weekend it was time for the annual Action festival at my old church. And of course I went!

Beautiful people and music by Hillsong Stockholm and Fila’s own band. Plus Andreas Forsberg with band, who was forcing everyone he saw to buy his new CD.

And I even saw my cousin’s daughter Elin! Either I’m getting old or she is, I vote for the latter 🙂

Hillsong Stockholm

Andreas Forsberg & Friends

Andreas & Petter

Three beautiful ladies. Marie, Hanna and Mikaela. And Mixu was kind enough to let me sleep in her bed! I was kind enough to leave her with all the dishes…

Take home message from the weekend:

Just like we in today’s society are trusting the government and its organizations to care for people in need, we can look at the church in much the same way. We let the systems that already exist, in forms of outreach, Alpha groups, annual Christmas gifts for the poor and so on, dictate what we are able to do. Instead of looking at what we can do, we look at what our church can do… Quite a strange thing when you think about it.

It might be time to take some responsibility on an individual level!

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