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Sitter hemma med flunssa men vad gör det när man kan roa sig med KAJ:

Hittade också en fin historia i dagens Husis. Den kanske är mer av en vandringssägen men fin var den i alla fall. Hela storyn handlar om kärleken till tårtor och är skriven av Maja-Stina Andersson.

“Jag har också märkt att tårtans betydelse blivit större ju längre från skolårens Den blomstertid man kommer. Det behövs något som markerar att man klarat av en etapp med heder och är redo för nästa. Riktigt konkret blev detta för en rynkig gammal dam… När åldern började ta ut sin rätt på henne, kallade hon till sig några släktingar och höll upp en vacker liten silversked för dem. Den ville hon ta med sig i graven, sa  hon, i sin högra hand.

– För alltid när man sitter där och får en liten silversked i handen, då vet man att allt har varit gott hittills, men att det allra bästa ännu är på väg!”


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One of the best things we did in Melbourne was going up to the Eureka skydeck. The same night, Melbourne was celebrating its first White night, a night of arts. It was a crazy amount of people in the city center and if you look carefully on the third picture you’ll see how the streets are completely packed with culture loving Australians. However, the next morning you couldn’t even see a small piece of paper on the streets. In Finland, the streets would have been covered with broken bottles and something that used to be beer…

night 1 night 2 night 3 night 4 night 5 night 6

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Peter Pan

One of the perks of summer is all of the outdoor theaters popping up all over the countryside. This summer, my cousin Lotta’s daughter Amanda was performing in Peter Pan as one of the Lost Boys (or in this case Lost Girls). And of course we had to go and see it.

Here’s a large part of my extended family seated. My mother and two of my aunts are the one looking in my direction.

The cast. Amanda is 7th from the left.

It was especially fun to watch the reactions of the younger audience. They really got into the sword fights although the more dramatic parts might have been a tad bit scary as several of them had to ask if the actors were truly dead.

The rest of the week was spent reenacting the play.

Here is an uncharacteristically quiet Edith as Tinker Bell.

Levi as Peter Pan. Who just got rid of his training wheels!

Alvar as the undefeated crocodile.

And Arne as the very evil Captain Hook.




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1st of May

I was lucky enough to score some tickets for Kristina från Duvemåla and as the musical is played in Helsinki I got to celebrate 1st of May in my old hometown and meet some old friends as well!

I must say that I really enjoyed the show, the scenography was amazing and the singers were all high class. Janne was kind enough to show us around the newly renovated theater after the show. Pictures from the theater and backstage (beneath the stage) where the musicians were stored away.


And here are just some pictures to showcase how big 1st of May is in Finland. The whole of Helsinki having picnic in one park.

All pictures taken with my iPhone.

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Dom är allt konstiga de där svenskarna. Varför i all världen heter kvittot man får från bankautomaten “minneslapp”?


Men man vill ju förstås att hissen ska komma hit.



Men kanske de är lite dumma ändå…


…eller så inte, för det här måste vara det smartaste jag sett!

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Went to Hyytiälä for a Developmental biology meeting this Fri-Sat and was lucky to meet my former colleague Shinya.

And he had some exiting news to share – not only is he a Drosophila (fruit fly) expert, now he’s also a professional Mölkky player!

He and some friends from Japan have formed a Japanese mölkky team and are now trying to bring this very Finnish game to Japan.  

Here’s a video from when they participated in a tournament in Slovakia.

The world championship of mölkky is played in Lahti every year, and the best thing is that anyone can participate. Just get a group of 4-6 people together and start practicing!

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Skepp ohoj!

Went to see the tall ships in Aura river today. It seemed like most people from Turku were standing in line to get onto one of the bigger Russian ships. It also seemed like most people from Åland were cruising the river, although their boats weren’t as big they were sporting very impressive tans.  

 And if you don’t have sails you might get further up the river.

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