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After having my annual blood samples taken last Friday, I thought I’d book an appointment with the doctor for next week. The only problem is that I don’t trust my doctor and would much rather go to a Diabetes nurse instead. I therefore called my healthcare center to ask if it would be possible to just see the nurse and not the doctor.

Day1: I call the healthcare center

I: Bla bla bla, Would it be possible to just see the nurse and not the doctor?

Nurse1: Well, you have to ask the Diabetes nurse, here is her private number…

I(calling nurse2): Bla bla bla, Would it be possible to just see the nurse and not the doctor?

Nurse2: Oh, I’m not the Diabetes nurse, she’s not in at the moment please call a bit later (although within the appointed time, 12-13 o’clock)

– I don’t have time to call that day…

Day2. I try to call the Diabetes nurse.

I(calling nurse3): Are you the Diabetes nurse?

Nurse3: Yes I am

I:Bla bla bla, Would it be possible to just see the nurse and not the doctor?

Nurse3: Oh, I’m only the nurse for Type2 Diabetes – do you have Type1?

I: Yes, but do you still think you could answer my question. I’d really like to see someone else than my regular doctor, who I don’t trust.

Nurse3: Well, you should see a Diabetes nurse and not the doctor. Have you recently moved to Turku?

I: It was over a year ago and I’ve already had time to have one appointment with my incompetent doctor.

Nurse3: Well this is completely wrong, you should have gone to the Diabetes clinic in the city center. Let me give you two numbers to the Diabetes nurses there. You can call them between 10.30-12 o’clock.

-It is of course past 12 so I have to wait until the next day to call them

Day3. I try to call the Diabetes clinic but the line is busy…

To be continued…

My question is this: Are all personnel at Turku healthcare centers separated by this big void that allows for no communication between them? Who is wrong, the nurse who gave me the doctor’s appointment last year or the nurse who wants me to go to the Diabetes clinic??

Maybe I’ll get the answers tomorrow


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I attended the most interesting seminar today. It was given by a professor from Lund University who has been studying Type 2 diabetes since his PhD, trying to find genes with defects in persons with the disease.

He told us that T2D hasn’t got that much to do with insulin resistance as the ability of our beta cells to counteract this resistance. As we get older our cells lose their ability to respond to  insulin. Most people counteract this by producing more insulin but if you are prone to develope T2D your pancreas is not as compliant. Thus, T2D stems from a lack in insulin production, just as type 1 diabetes does.

Now, a nurse once told me that I could get T2D even if I’ve already got type one. Not only would I have no insulin production but I would show insulin resistance as well. But today I learned that every single person in the world probably get insulin resistance with age. Thus, since I have no cells to increase my insulin production when I get older, I will inevitably have to inject more insulin to counteract this resistance.

To sum it up: I will never have “true” T2D.

And another interesting thing is that T2D would be quite comparable to T1. Although T1 involves an immune response to inflammation some scientists believe that the death of the beta cells is due to a reduction in insulin production. So when the cells get infected they function quite well except for not being able to produce and secrete insulin.

So could it be that a person with a pancreas that is less compliant in its insulin production would be more prone to cell death by inflammation?

Quite interesting, is it not!?

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Today’s Friday

Today they photographed my eyes causing me to look like I was high on drugs from 8 to 12 am. The nurse who gave me the eye drops said that the pupil of dark eyes tend to dilate slower – I wonder if it takes longer for it to return to normal too…

Then I got a coffee maker for free!  As I don’t drink coffee myself I thought that you Mia could tell me what brand you’d like me to get for next weekend 🙂

I also did some research on why scientists think I’ve got diabetes. Turns out I might have been infected with an enterovirus attacking my beta cells, causing a downregulation of insuline production and death of the cells. So in short: I got diabetes from biting my nails (you know fecal-oral transmission…). I proposed that you could scare you’re kids from biting their nails by telling them that they would have to inject themselves five times a day if they continued on with that behaviour. Matteo said that you could just tell them to wash their hands…

I really like my work environment. We  had our Friday meeting today and Sonia received a gift as she got married during Christmas. And our boss said:”We all love you but we are happy that you’ve also found a soul mate”. I think it’s kind of nice that you can stand as a group of 30 people and  collectively say that you love your colleague!

This evening I made ice-cream. 1,5dl milk in which you melt 85g of chocolate and 175g of marshmallows. Then you whip 3dl of cream and mix it all together. Pour it into a bread tin and place it in the freezer for 2 hours. Done!

I just tasted it and it was soooo good!!!

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I was challenged by/got an award from Carina to name 7 things you might not know about me. Thank you Carina! And if you’re wondering who this person could be just follow the link above or find her name in my blogroll. She is a childhood friend of mine who’s now married and has her own house and two beautiful daughters. AND she is currently building the sweetest doll house I’ve ever seen. So envious. I’d like to have some kids just so that it wouldn’t look so vierd when I want to play with toys.

Kun tämän palkinnon saat
Kiitä sitä jolta sait tunnustuksen
Kerro seitsemän asiaa itsestäsi, mitä muut eivät vielä tiedä
Anna tunnustus seitsemälle
Linkitä nämä blogissasi
Kerro näille seitsemälle tunnustuksesta

Seitsemän asiaa itsestäni:
1. I have a pattern phobia. I get really nauseated whenever I see certain patterns, for example the seed house of a sunflower when it’s getting a bit old. 2. The movie that I’ve watched the most times is Charlies Angels. I just love it, despite the sexism.

3. I collect icons, but you probably knew that already. I’m just telling you so that if you go on a trip to one of the Mediterranean countries you could remember to bring one back for me 🙂 I currently own six.

4. I never failed an exam when I was at Helsinki University. AND I wrote all of them (except maybe one) on the set date. (I figured this would be the perfect time to brag…)

5. This year, I ordered a take out pizza for the first time in my life.

6. I’m still afraid of needles, after being a diabetic for five years! But I’m only afraid if they’re longer than 5mm and someone else is pushing them into my arm.

7. I tend to read at least two foreign fashion/interior design magazines a month. In a year I’ve probably read five times the amount of magazines compared to books…

marie claire   livingetc

I hereby reward/challenge:

  • Lena
  • Ulrika
  • Janne
  • Jeannette
  • Hanna D
  • And just anyone who’d like to join in 🙂


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*The best yoghurt in Finland – Kalinka top, by Ingman. Totally artificial. When other yoghurt brag about containing real berries, this one only contains some kind of froth. But it tastes great!


*After living without mascara for two weeks due to a stubborn eye infection I now have great lashes 🙂

*Other things that make you feel like you’re good-looking, for example when a guy starts talking to you in the street, just like that, for no reason what so ever.


*My new blood glucose monitor. It looks like a tiny porsche, and it has wireless connection. What more can you ask for?!

*When Oliver sings Monty Python’s “Every sperm is sacred” at work.

*Finding a place for the things you love. I’ve now got two icons standing in the shelf above my stove, and my beloved indians of course!

en av de två indianerna

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My morning

Facts about diabetes #1:

My mood swings are to 80% dependant on my sugar levels. If I wake up in the morning with values over 8, as I did today, I feel like total shit. The day is crap and I just want to go back to sleep. If, however, I would wake up with normal levels, say between 4 and 6, I feel really happy, energetic and see the new day in a very different light.

Well this did not happen today and so we come to “facts about diabetes #2”:

Peanuts have the slowest carbohydrates of all foods! It might be that they contain so much fat that my intestine have a hard time digesting them. It is equal to eating a large salad, followed by a huge steak and then, after this carbohydrate-free intake, consume a large piece of chocolate cake. It can then take hours before the cake gets absorbed. Same thing with nuts. So even though I check my values in the evening and they are fine – I can have values as high as ten when I wake up in the morning. Thereby causing me to have a hard time getting out of bed… Lousy nuts 😦


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Nightly exercise

Since I started exercising more regularly I’ve been having some troubles with my sugar levels. I tend to take too much insulin in the evening with the result that I wake up in the middle of the night with levels around 3. Tonight was no exception, and I had the urge to say:

– Honey, isn’t it your turn to get up and feed him!

Unfortunately there is no “honey”, and even if there was, Iam the one who needs feeding. So I just have to drag myself out of bed and drink some juice… Gah, and only two hours before I really have to get up!

But being a diabetic is really an eye-opener when you exercise. After just one hour of interval-body training I can take half of the amount of insulin that I usually take. Consider that next time you find it hard to drag yourself to the gym!

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