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Yesterday we had our Friday-coffee in a rhododendron forest. It was my boss’ idea and as such a real treat; two hours off work to look at pretty flowers!

Rhododendron is probably the hardest word to say for a Finn (even though the language contains all those hard r:s!) but this is still, a very Finnish park located near Piikkiö. You’ll find more information here.


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Now it’s just rain and ice.

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Ok, so I took these pictures with auto exposure, but you get the idea. Spring bouquet, spring curtains and spring weather. Something to remember when the snow starts falling this weekend…

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Sitting at home coughing. And sweating. Almost to the point where I have troubles breathing.

They are performing a temperature check in my building, which means that they set the radiators at the highest level, screw off the nob so that you can’t adjust it and then leave you in a sauna. They furthermore advice you not to open any windows in order for the inspection to be reliable.

I am now wearing shorts and have moved my armchair right up to the window so that I can breath a bit easier. I would flee this place at once if it wasn’t for my cough that doesn’t seem to improve.

But maybe I should be happy, because when the check is over they will adjust the radiators so that the highest temperature allowed is 19 degrees.

I firmly believe that no other than a 5 year old kid that is running around the place all day can be happy at that temperature. All others can be found in cocoons of blankets and thick sweaters, trying to keep their feet off the floor, constantly drinking hot tea.

Something to look forward to…


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Today I saw a human orangutan. It was a Greenpeace person who stood at my bus stop handing out flyers. It turns out that some of our city-buses are running on Neste Oil’s palm-oil diesel. The agriculture of palm oil threatens to wipe out all orangutans and now Greenpeace wanted me to sign a petition to protest against the use of this horrible substance in our local traffic. (You can do it here: www.greenpeace.fi/bussit/ unfortunately they don’t have a Swedish version or even an English version of the site – BAD Greenpeace)

I have always been a bit suspicious of Greenpeace myself, mostly because I don’t see the problem in hunting and killing whales. Or maybe it’s mainly because I don’t think baby seals are so cuddly…

Anyway, I recently saw a documentary that described how the Brazilian rainforest is being cut down to give way to large fields of soy beans. So I’m just wondering – is Greenpeace also protesting against the consumption of tofu??


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