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My creative cousin (who arranged the flee-market a few weeks back) organized an America inspired party. As the US has existed for quite some time already the possibilities when playing dress-up seemed endless. And at the party you found everyone from indians and cowboys to Ozzy and a recent Olympic gold medalist.

The hostess.

Dolly Parton’s boobs got a lot of attention.

Another handsome pair was my aunt Eivor and her husband Olle.

I came as an indian.

And ended up getting shot by a very cute cowboy.

But the prize for best dressed went to my aunt Maj-Britt as the Statue of Liberty and her husband Gunder as Steve Jobs.

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Peter Pan

One of the perks of summer is all of the outdoor theaters popping up all over the countryside. This summer, my cousin Lotta’s daughter Amanda was performing in Peter Pan as one of the Lost Boys (or in this case Lost Girls). And of course we had to go and see it.

Here’s a large part of my extended family seated. My mother and two of my aunts are the one looking in my direction.

The cast. Amanda is 7th from the left.

It was especially fun to watch the reactions of the younger audience. They really got into the sword fights although the more dramatic parts might have been a tad bit scary as several of them had to ask if the actors were truly dead.

The rest of the week was spent reenacting the play.

Here is an uncharacteristically quiet Edith as Tinker Bell.

Levi as Peter Pan. Who just got rid of his training wheels!

Alvar as the undefeated crocodile.

And Arne as the very evil Captain Hook.




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Flee market

After some time at the flee market people were obviously running out of merchandise. Here is picture proof: One “nice little girl” for 2€ and one “snotty-nosed boy” for 1€.


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My vacation started off in a wonderful way as my cousin Anna-Stina was organizing a flee market in her yard! I didn’t get a picture of her but here are some other happy salespersons.

And I found some great things! A gorilla, enough magazines to last the three weeks I’ll be in Österbotten and a pepper shaker, which can be read “full of pep” or in Swedish “ugly and chirping”.

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For all those lazy summer days when you are hanging out with your extended family this is the game to play, bollipompa, invented by Olle. The brilliance lies in its simplicity, everyone from 3 to 100 years old can play it – as long as you can throw/drop a ball.

Here is Olle himself showing how it is done. You basically bounce a rubber ball onto a board and try to make it jump into one of the baskets in front of it. The closest basket gives you one point, then comes two points and if you make it land in the one farthest away you get three points.

Amanda was a real champion. She and my dad (who is watching her very intently in the picture) ended up battling each other for the price money – 10 million euro.

The prize was handed out by an oil-magnate. And it went to my dad. This, even though he wasn’t used to the nose rubbing ritual and tried to give the honored guest kisses on the cheeks instead.

And the 10 million euros, well, unfortunately my dad wasn’t lucky enough to win the lottery that Sunday.

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Family gathering

Went home to Kvevlax last weekend to celebrate this wonderful woman:

My aunt Kerstin who, believe it or not, turned 50.

I also got to see someone for the first time.

A little Lias!

All these photogenic people…

And the traditional family portrait.

I hadn’t been home since Christmas and really enjoyed seeing all of my relatives (from my mother’s side of the family) at once.

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