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<3 livsmedelsverket

Så man börjar ju fundera – hur i hela världen ser man skillnad mellan nöt- och hästkött.

Svaret får man från Livsmedelsverket som även linkar vidare till en artikel om artidentifiering.

Tackar och bockar!


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Melbourne: what to eat

food 1

I recommend going to the Italian part of town to get a good morning coffee.

food 2Then  you should definitely have a burger for lunch. This one is from Grill’d but I can tell you I had one just as good from a dirty beach grill in Newcastle where the grill master was singing Elton John tunes. In Australia they like meat and don’t care what the bread they use for the bun looks like – it can be anything, no hamburger looks alike!

food 3 food 4End the day in Chinatown with some BBQ pork!

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Things I like, November

That you can get a whole bag of Kiss-Kiss. A Whole Bag! Buy it for you kids, for your friends, for yourself – I think Fazer has created world peace – you just eliminate all the bad alternatives.


Gooseberry-carrot (krusbär-morot) jam. Bought from a church fair. Next year – homemade!


Work of art. I never thought you could make a reality show where artists compete against each other but this is just amazing. Like Project Runway only without the boring middle part. Airs on AVA Wednesdays at 8pm (season 1). This week they have to make something shocking – can’t wait!

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Keeping my apartment odorless

My fridge/freezer broke down yesterday. Enough said.

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So I was in Helsinki last weekend. And during those three days I managed to get hooked on coffee – again. Spent most of Wednesday with a terrible headache until I gave in and had my fix. 15min after that cup of coffee I felt just fine. Imagine that…

When I told Matteo of my problems his comment was – Finnish coffee! You got hooked on Finnish coffee! Impossible.

And I know I’ve said it before but this time I do mean it: Never again will I drink this much coffee!

Picture of my hotel room.

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I have seen the future

If there were more guys in church…

Instead of the very thin version of the Bible that preachers like to carry around, they would all have iphones. You just insert a search word and the Bible verse you’re looking for will automatically pop up.

This is the case at our church’s mini conference where my old prayer group leader Toffe is speaking.

And we’ll soon have to change the menu for church coffee from cake to chicken wings since about 50% of all people are on the no-carbohydrate diet.

And call me old-fashioned but I’m still shocked to hear two guys discussing the benefit of eating real butter instead of margarine…

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…what’s on your kitchen table?

My table is 70x70cm big, and on it you’ll find:

  • Papers from three chocolate bars
  • Papers from two daim bars
  • A jar of flour
  • A jar of sugar
  • A strainer
  • A set of keys
  • Two recipes for the food I’m going to make this weekend
  • A couple of eggplants
  • An empty yoghurt jar
  • A cutting bord
  • A lemon without its peel
  • A tea cup
  • Three knives
  • Two spoons
  • A grater
  • Plastic wrap
  • A bag of chili nuts
  • A bag of grated coconut
  • A bag of basil
  • Some icing sugar
  • Two eggshells
  • A saucepan
  • A plate
  • A thing for my baking tin
  • A mat to place saucepans on
  • Some measuring devises

Guess what I’ve been doing 🙂

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