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This week I realized that there are people who read blogs to learn stuff. Their blog-picks are based on the mathematical formula of their interest+writer’s wisdom=new insight. How about that!

The blogs I read I’ve chosen because 1. they have nice pictures, 2. they make me laugh and 3. no, that’s about it. Here’s a selection


Sweet, pink-loving Annika who does stop-motion videos and draws beautifully.

Bloggfrossa och mannen som blev trött

Inga bilder men ack så rolig.


Showcases the most beautiful homes


Just because Jenny Brandt’s daughter is such a cool kid.


Where were all these people hiding when I was living in the city?

Hello Tiger!

So simple yet so beautiful.

Hyperbole and a Half

Doesn’t blog that often but when she does you risk dying of laughter.

Karins konstgrepp

På delad första plats med the Bloggess. Otroligt rolig och otroligt vacker kvinna.


The Finn-Swede queen of blogging. (according to me that is)


Makes me feel calm – and that’s even though the woman has three sons!




Followed for 4 years now. Strange how involved you get in someone’s life even though you don’t know them. When she got dumped by her boyfriend a few weeks back I really understood the 700+ comments she got.

the Bloggess

A must read! A brilliant woman who got people to shout wolverine in the subway and others to tattoo images of a metal chicken, named Beyonce,  on their legs. Beautiful on the inside and out.

the Design Ark

Another inspirational blog.

Just a small portion of the blogs I read. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

And because I read so much, here are a couple of nice findings from today:

Keep calm must stop

Want to buy this bike?


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Things I like, May

1. My new improved hairdo

2. My first publication, soon to be found in PLoS ONE

3. This book, by the very talented and very funny the bloggess

4. Estonia’s song in the Eurovision song contest

5. This video. Maybe I should save the link on my phone and show it as an excuse every time I burp out loud.

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video time

two nice videos that I found from other blogs

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Laugh of the day

This is so my kind of humour. Don’t even ask me how I found this:


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