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…what’s on your kitchen table?

My table is 70x70cm big, and on it you’ll find:

  • Papers from three chocolate bars
  • Papers from two daim bars
  • A jar of flour
  • A jar of sugar
  • A strainer
  • A set of keys
  • Two recipes for the food I’m going to make this weekend
  • A couple of eggplants
  • An empty yoghurt jar
  • A cutting bord
  • A lemon without its peel
  • A tea cup
  • Three knives
  • Two spoons
  • A grater
  • Plastic wrap
  • A bag of chili nuts
  • A bag of grated coconut
  • A bag of basil
  • Some icing sugar
  • Two eggshells
  • A saucepan
  • A plate
  • A thing for my baking tin
  • A mat to place saucepans on
  • Some measuring devises

Guess what I’ve been doing 🙂


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I was challenged by/got an award from Carina to name 7 things you might not know about me. Thank you Carina! And if you’re wondering who this person could be just follow the link above or find her name in my blogroll. She is a childhood friend of mine who’s now married and has her own house and two beautiful daughters. AND she is currently building the sweetest doll house I’ve ever seen. So envious. I’d like to have some kids just so that it wouldn’t look so vierd when I want to play with toys.

Kun tämän palkinnon saat
Kiitä sitä jolta sait tunnustuksen
Kerro seitsemän asiaa itsestäsi, mitä muut eivät vielä tiedä
Anna tunnustus seitsemälle
Linkitä nämä blogissasi
Kerro näille seitsemälle tunnustuksesta

Seitsemän asiaa itsestäni:
1. I have a pattern phobia. I get really nauseated whenever I see certain patterns, for example the seed house of a sunflower when it’s getting a bit old. 2. The movie that I’ve watched the most times is Charlies Angels. I just love it, despite the sexism.

3. I collect icons, but you probably knew that already. I’m just telling you so that if you go on a trip to one of the Mediterranean countries you could remember to bring one back for me 🙂 I currently own six.

4. I never failed an exam when I was at Helsinki University. AND I wrote all of them (except maybe one) on the set date. (I figured this would be the perfect time to brag…)

5. This year, I ordered a take out pizza for the first time in my life.

6. I’m still afraid of needles, after being a diabetic for five years! But I’m only afraid if they’re longer than 5mm and someone else is pushing them into my arm.

7. I tend to read at least two foreign fashion/interior design magazines a month. In a year I’ve probably read five times the amount of magazines compared to books…

marie claire   livingetc

I hereby reward/challenge:

  • Lena
  • Ulrika
  • Janne
  • Jeannette
  • Hanna D
  • And just anyone who’d like to join in 🙂


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I was talking to Zhao the other day about the restrictions people put upon us. When Z was in elementary school the kids were forbidden to go dancing, to play video games and so on. If someone saw you in the game-hall they could report you to a teacher and you would get reprimanded. And this was outside school hours!!

The only thing you were supposed to do was to study – I guess. And that’s something I know quite a lot about. One of the things I regret most about my life is sitting with my nose in some old school book reading about things that I’ve now long forgotten. And I do blame my lack in social skills on the period when I was 11-15 and did nothing but think about my grades.

So it was with chock that I read today’s newspaper where they were talking about what kids do during their free time. As all of you living in Helsinki know, the place to be if you are 11-14 is Kamppi, a big shopping center. Here kids just hang out, sit in small groups and chat and whenever someones hair gets droopy they take out their bottles of hairspray 😉

But the Youth Director of Helsinki, Lasse Siurala, did not see this as such a good thing. “Why use your energy for admiring goods in stores when it can be used to do something more educative?”

What the….?

What is he saying here? I interpret it as such that he wants the kids to do something that can benefit them in the future. Playing an instrument, join a theater group, do sports. Because lets face it; you don’t benefit from just relaxing with your friends…or do you?

(Or maybe he is just bitter that the youth houses the city do provide are standing empty while kids are wasting their money buying things at the mall.)

In China, a lot of the restrictions are there because of the fear that kids would fall in love. Dancing together can do that you know and kissing has been scientifically shown to be bad for your grades, hasn’t it 😉 But as soon as the students enter the University world, the restrictions are dropped. There they then stand, a group of kids that have never done anything other than study, suddenly able to do whatever they want (except for bringing a person of the opposite sex to their dorms or using a hot-plate in their rooms). And they are handicapped.

In Hong Kong I attended one of the parties that the students had organized. And I must say that it was quite embarrassing. When the dance finally started the kids didn’t form couples but huge rings that went round and round to the beat of “I’m a barbie girl”! Here is picture proof, somewhat dark but I hope you can see something of the festivities:

dancing in HK

Well in Finland we do have a more liberal system, where I still think the parent is responsible for setting limits to what the child is allowed to do or not. But the trend of an “active” life is getting more and more prominent with kids being driven around to different “hobbies” five days a week. And I think it’s scary how we seem to think that these educational activities would be more beneficial than social networking.

When everything has to be an accomplishment where does that leave life? Are we really brought up just to accomplish something or to actually live and interact with our fellow human beings? In many cases the educational programs allow us to build friendships but also to push people aside and rank them according to what they are able to achieve in life.

I wonder what the kids of today would like to do differently when they get older and look back at their life…

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…with nothing important to do.

Then I find things like a Tiger’s blog and this wonderful embroidery made by Andrea Dezsö.


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This year some might say I went a bit overboard with the decorations. But these are the ones that don’t bake their own gingerbread. Those who make their own gingerbread dough, however, might say that my decorations are lacking a bit…

As I’m living in such a small apartment, and because I’m not going to live here during the actual holidays, my decorations are something of an “if I can’t have x I can have y”

   mirror christmas tree

The entrance is always the most important. Because I can’t put a nail through my door (my house is so new and fancy that they wouldn’t allow that, I’m afraid) I’ve bought a Christmas calendar in the shape of a wreath. And since I don’t have a Christmas tree I decided to decorate my largest plant with some stars.


Since I couldn’t find a suitable fabric for a table cloth, I simply bought a curtain and placed that on my table – this way I don’t even have to sow!

 christmas light

Light fixtures are always nice – here surrounding my icons.

    christmas heartjulkul

Since I used the curtain for my table I had to make my window a bit more Christmasy by adding some baubles and hearts.


My kitchen is decorated by adding some red towels and pot-holders.


Ok, so maybe it’s not so necessary to decorate one’s bathroom but it sure looks nice…


my place

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It’s a bit embarrassing that I only read books bought during Stockmann’s “Crazy days”, but at the same time it’s very convenient. I’ll just have finished the ones I bought in spring when the fall sale starts. And in between those two there’s always Christmas. (And yes, I only read something like 10 books a year.) 

I’m currently occupied with Linda Olsson’s book “nu vill jag sjunga dig milda sånger” (loosely translated: Now, I want to sing you mild/tender songs). It reminds me of my grandparents’ attic – only filled with jam and memories. Maybe my cousins would understand me…

And I came to think of my grandmother. How she, being of the older Christian generation, consider makeup to be a vanity that you can easily live without. It’s the same with coloring ones hair.

I think that not coloring my hair has been an expression of vanity for myself. I like it when the hairdresser asks if it is my own colour and compliments me on how good it looks. But now I’ve done it.

As I’m so cheap I’m still going to Prakticum (a school) to get my hair cut, even though it scares the crap out of me every time. This was no exception. So I go there, I tell them that I don’t want my hair to look like I’m an orange/brown zebra and I come home looking like I’ve got my hair done in 1997 and haven’t changed it since.

So this was the first time I actually went back and complained about how it looked. And believe me, I felt like an ass for doing so! But they colored most of the stripes back to the original colour and now I’m kind of happy with how I look. So it was actually worth it. I take this as a lesson for later, that you should always complain, but complain while smiling.


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I’m stuck

I wrote about my TV-addiction some time ago and here I am again in the confession booth.

As I’ve already mentioned, my problems started in a very early age, I would say I was 6 years old. Now, some people would probably blame my parents for this. But I blame Björne and all his friends, and my own addictive nature.

But it wasn’t until I reached nine years of age that I tried the hard stuff. It was like going from smoking pot to shooting up heroin. I started watching a soap opera.

I think it was General Hospital that I and my cousins gathered to watch every day at my grandparents’ house. My grandmother was taking care of all of us after school and she probably had no idea what we were watching. And when I try to recall the storyline I come to the conclusion that neither had I. But nevertheless – I was hooked.

There is something about soaps. A regular one hour TV-series  that airs once a week you are able to leave after the first season, but a soap that airs every day is much harder to get rid off. It doesn’t help that nothing happens in one week or that you can turn on your TV one month later and still be able to follow the plot. “oh, she hasn’t woken up from that coma yet.” ” oh no, she did find out about her mother having an affair with her boyfriend’s sister’s lover”.

If I’m ill for one week I’m screwed. The soaps tend to air at those convenient times when you have done everything you can do and you are bored out of your mind. Plus you have a fever and you’re not capable of thinking straight…

Now there is something quite equal to soaps appearing on channel four. The reality shows. First it was Canada’s next top model – for weeks and weeks on end, every day! Then followed Australia’s top model and now they’re showing Britain’s top model. I’m a sucker for these series and watch as often as I can. The only problem is that I’m not able to watch people make fools out of themselves.

This becomes quite a big obstacle when you consider reality TV where the camera-men’s mission is to catch people at their worst.

My solution is to switch channels. So every five minutes I have to watch another show. The choices from 6 to 7 pm isn’t all that wonderful. There is that “ask the right question” show on channel two – and I never ever watch Finnish game shows. Then there is Emmerdale on channel three, and I actually find it too hard to follow, maybe it has something to do with the accent… And then finally, my choice – a German soap called something like “stormy love” on SubTV.

Now it wouldn’t be that bad, because I’m not actually watching the thing – I’m watching “top model” and that is something I think most of us would admit to being hooked on. But the thing is, lately I’ve been seeing less and less of the “models” and more and more of the siblings-that-are-in-love-with-each-other-but-can’t-be-with-each-other-because-they-are-siblings-even-though-they’re-not-because-their-dad-has-been-lying-to-them-all-the-time

And I know it’s ridiculous and horrible and soooo typical but I just can’t stop watching it.

Sigh, is there a drug for someone like me? You know like the one they give to drug addicts to get them to stay away from the really bad stuff. Maybe a program; anonymous TVoholics (ATV), where I could meet people in the same situation and have a sponsor that would take me out for walks whenever I feel like gluing the remote control to my hand…

She loves him, he loves her, they are brother and sister – or are they? Will they ever know the truth? And how about the mysterious handy-man in the background…

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