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I’m in love with all the birthday presents I got.

I bought this tablecloth from Marimekko (now I just need to get some new curtains…) and I got the most beautiful of blankets from my bible group.

Aalto and a new sign for my bathroom.

And this song.


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New stuff

Happy about my new tables (30% off at Kodin1), finally getting some paintings on the wall and my bird.

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It’s been months since I bought the adhesive plastic to decorate my hallway with but since all my ideas have seemed a bit out of place it was just left on my desk to collect dust. But today I got inspired and I must say I’m quite pleased with the result.

A bit uneven, but who cares…

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Weekend home

Went home for the weekend. My parents are renovating the kitchen so our attic was filled with beauties like these:

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Went out this Saturday. Not in the evening though (30.4) as I avoid moving through the minefield that is hundreds of drunken Finns. But during the day to find the most amazing candy shop, Sweet Shop, and Turku’s cutest design store Polkka Jam.

Bought a pillow with a print inspired by some of Turku’s older houses.

Went home, but the shopping spree didn’t end there – the internet and a visa card is not a good combination. Did some multitasking, watching an interview with Tina Fey while buying her book “Bossypants”. But Tina is a hero of mine, so it was well worth it. This is one of the reasons:

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…what’s on your kitchen table?

My table is 70x70cm big, and on it you’ll find:

  • Papers from three chocolate bars
  • Papers from two daim bars
  • A jar of flour
  • A jar of sugar
  • A strainer
  • A set of keys
  • Two recipes for the food I’m going to make this weekend
  • A couple of eggplants
  • An empty yoghurt jar
  • A cutting bord
  • A lemon without its peel
  • A tea cup
  • Three knives
  • Two spoons
  • A grater
  • Plastic wrap
  • A bag of chili nuts
  • A bag of grated coconut
  • A bag of basil
  • Some icing sugar
  • Two eggshells
  • A saucepan
  • A plate
  • A thing for my baking tin
  • A mat to place saucepans on
  • Some measuring devises

Guess what I’ve been doing 🙂

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This is for you Anna-Karin. Have you seen anything more beautiful (only that I’d given the chair a bit different upholstery…)

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