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New frames

This is the feeling I get from my new glasses.





Iris-Apfel III

That I’m somewhere in between Amy from Big Bang Theory and Iris Apfel.

It can translate to a eccentric nerd – but isn’t that just another term for scientist?


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At the dentist

Today I bit my dentist.

It wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t even feel it. What I did feel, however, was him trying to pull out my tooth. So it was in pure defence that my jaws closed around his finger.

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I went home and spent my Christmas doing what I’ve done for 27 years now.

We watched Donald Duck on Swedish TV.

And the traditional family photo was taken – courtesy of Olle.

We ate lots of leftovers.

We took the ferry to Bergö to visit my grandparents.

There was singing – that was interrupted by my grandmother who took the opportunity to hand out candy.


And there was lots of snow – and a new house underneath it all.

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Today a day like other days


I couldn’t get access to the work plan I’m writing until one o’clock. They had some problem with the network service.

I couldn’t add references to my work plan. RefWorks is an idiotic program.

I couldn’t transfer a mouse to another cage since it was running and jumping like crazy. I had to ask one of the animal care takers to do it for me. embarrassing!

I went home to bake a cake. Used 4dl cream, two lemons and 250g shredded coconut. And 2dl salt!

And I’ve been so happy!

A happy song to sing when nothing is going your way:

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*The best yoghurt in Finland – Kalinka top, by Ingman. Totally artificial. When other yoghurt brag about containing real berries, this one only contains some kind of froth. But it tastes great!


*After living without mascara for two weeks due to a stubborn eye infection I now have great lashes 🙂

*Other things that make you feel like you’re good-looking, for example when a guy starts talking to you in the street, just like that, for no reason what so ever.


*My new blood glucose monitor. It looks like a tiny porsche, and it has wireless connection. What more can you ask for?!

*When Oliver sings Monty Python’s “Every sperm is sacred” at work.

*Finding a place for the things you love. I’ve now got two icons standing in the shelf above my stove, and my beloved indians of course!

en av de två indianerna

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My cousin André is getting married in a couple of weeks and I think I’ll be wearing these (otherwise I’d be completely black…)

blommor i håret

Living so close to the city center has its advantages. I eat a lot more strawberries, cherries and peas than usually and my apartment looks a lot nicer too.

rosor i mängder

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Today I ignored my want for eating porridge in the mornings and went to get a tan instead of buying a microwave oven.

Did not get a tan since I got out around 6pm.

Did however get to spend some time with my favourite author William Gibson and read sentences like: “The Panther Modern leader, who introduced himself as Lupus Yonderboy, wore a polycarbon suit with a recording feature that allowed him to replay backgrounds at will.”

And I know nothing about computers, so I’m lost half of the time. I just like to use them. Like for watching things on surfthechannel.com. Have almost finnished the last season of Project runway.

So really, I like TV.

Today I’ve also; watched My name is Earl 🙂 Watched some mice sperm, Eaten some cinnamon pecan nuts, Washed a machine of clothes, Gone shopping for food and currently I’m Baking a bread.

And I’m wondering why I always have more energy when I get home from work than when I’m at work. But today I had a laboratory animal course and just sat and listen to legal issues and such.

Important info: Killing an animal is not considered an experiment. I am therefore allowed to kill an animal even before I’m allowed to keep it in a cage.

My kitchen as promised. My curtains name is Bean:

köket mitt

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