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And this is what you find when you’re up late at night. Already found by one million other people though.


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My neighbor is playing techno and I choose not to go to bed until one o’clock when they’ll probably leave for the bar. Hope they don’t think the weather is too bad…

I’m only dancing at work. Listening to this:

Unfortunately, my colleague has realized his phone also functions as a video camera.

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Went to Närpes last weekend to celebrate the most wonderful Henrica who turned 30. Her childhood home was just beautiful, it fitted all the guests and there was still room for dancing.



The entertainment was Roy and the Fishermen (minus Roy) and we even got to hear the birthday-girl herself sing.

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The latest album of Florence and The Machine. (Even though this song always makes me think of the coca-cola christmas jingle…)

The second season of Downton Abbey.

And all the Christmas presents I got!



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Some pictures from the past weekends.

Went to the medieval market and bought myself a lingonberry leaf. And what do you know, it matches the acorns I got in Estonia.

And then just to make you a bit jealous, here’s picture proof of me being at a Robyn concert. And almost getting run over by a very big boat…

But I must say that the best concert of the day was Capital Beat. This is the song that they probably just wrote to get girls to take their tops off during their concerts – and yes, it works.

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De e cirka 0 grader och regnar. Jag sitter och nästan-nyser. Därför tycker jag att vi lyssnar på detta:

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Mixu sent me some more pictures from Ankkarock! Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to put up any pictures of Mikaela herself but here are some of the music and one with me and the hat Mixu bought. (and you can just compare these pictures with those that I took – maybe I should just throw my camera out the window…)

Finnish group Disco Ensemble. Who I thought was quite bad until I heard them live. Here is a video – and I must say that the lead singer looks so much better in a beard! So there is still hope for all of you guys who don’t like to shave…

But we only listen to DE for about 15min before we had to hurry away to the Baseballs’ gig (Just look at this picture, now I don’t even need Li Min’s Korean camera – I could just settle for Mikaela’s!!)

The Sounds


Me and the hat on our way home.

Thanks for the pictures Mixu!!

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