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Jaana’s karonkka

This Friday I had the pleasure of celebrating my former colleague, Jaana’s, PhD. It started with her defense and ended with the most beautiful dinner, in honor of her opponent Prof. Nakato. (And to my mother I would like to say that this was the fanciest karonkka I’ve ever attended – I will not be able to pull this off at my own defense, don’t worry!)

Here are some pictures from the party:

the dress!Jaana had the most amazing dress. True princess style!




The party was held at restaurant Kitzens where we were first treated to a four course dinner.


After the main course the speeches started. First Jaana gave speeches to every one present and then we had the opportunity to tell her how much we appreciate her. At the end I don’t think there was one dry eye in the restaurant.



My former boss Osamu gave a really nice speech and here he is handing Jaana a sushi set so that she can continue eating Japanese food even after she leaves the group.

group picture

Group picture. Jaana is standing in between her current colleague Petra and the opponent.

After the dinner we joined the after party where more people were gathered.


picture perfect


Jaana got some gifts from both present and former colleagues. Among others, a stuffed fruit fly, to remind her of what she has been working on, and a cancer cell that could heal itself, in honor of her future work as a postdoc.



Congratulations Jaana and thank you for inviting me to your lovely party!


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I turned 30 a week back and celebrated it together with friends and family in Kvevlax. It’s getting too dark outside. 80% of the pictures were blurry, so there’s really not that much to see…



happy faces

the youngest guest



I hardly had time to talk to everyone and even less to take pictures. There was, however, a whole series of pictures of Stefan and Andreas but that was when I was trying out the flash and I don’t think they’d like me to show any of them 🙂

But I had a great evening thanks to all the wonderful people who was there and thanks to my parents who spent the whole evening in the kitchen. You can see my mother as the blurry figure in the first picture.

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Before you get to see the pictures from my birthday party I’ll show you some from this weekend when Pernilla celebrated hers. She turned 27 and had the (quite macabre in my opinion) theme of the 27 Club. All guests were asked to come as one of the many famous people who had died at the age of 27.

Here’s Pernilla herself, on the right, dressed as Amy Winehouse. Next to her is another Amy who had managed to get her hair that big by stuffing it with a pair of gloves.

And as it was Pernilla’s party she had made lots and lots of food!

Here are some other famous characters that joined the party:

Janis Joplin

Kurt Cobain


A scary looking Richey Edwards and the cake

Another Amy and Janis

And finally, a blurry picture of me as Amy

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My creative cousin (who arranged the flee-market a few weeks back) organized an America inspired party. As the US has existed for quite some time already the possibilities when playing dress-up seemed endless. And at the party you found everyone from indians and cowboys to Ozzy and a recent Olympic gold medalist.

The hostess.

Dolly Parton’s boobs got a lot of attention.

Another handsome pair was my aunt Eivor and her husband Olle.

I came as an indian.

And ended up getting shot by a very cute cowboy.

But the prize for best dressed went to my aunt Maj-Britt as the Statue of Liberty and her husband Gunder as Steve Jobs.

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A thank-you-card came last week and made me remember.

Shortly after Linnea and Joy’s wedding I promised that I would post some pictures on my blog. However, my flash/camera/trigger finger wasn’t working properly at the party and I ended up with very few successful pictures. And it felt a bit embarrassing only posting three pictures. But since I promised, here they are (the one from the car is actually my dad’s).

A sign of a good wedding is when two pastors perform the service.

And yes, the beautiful girl in the photo is my cousin.

The cutest kid at the party.

And by the way, I’ve been improving my winter swimming skills so I’ll see you in February!!!

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My dear colleague Heikki got his new PhD title yesterday (well not officially since the approval still needs to go through the university bureaucracy) and we were all invited to celebrate his achievement.

First was the dinner with speeches and excellent food. Here Heikki is with the opponent and our boss Matti.

Then came time for the traditional song, sung by the whole department. This time the music was Beatles’ Obladi oblada but some of the lyrics were changed to Monty Python’s Sperm song.

And then it was time for a video by Oliver and the boys. They finally revealed the reason why Heikki’s thesis took 7 years to make. It was the joint efforts at the apartment to sabotage Heikki’s work. Secret agents had spent years destroying samples in the most creative ways, burning them, making them radioactive, using them in an impromptu lab-football match and so on. We sincerely apologize.

Thanks Heikki for a great party! I always say that I’ve been lucky in my work but I do think that I’ve had the most luck when it comes to my colleagues.

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Killing mice doesn’t really require beauty, and I suspect no-one would complain if their executioner had a bad hair day, so I have few reasons to dress up.

But sometimes it pays off to work in science. Like yesterday when I was invited to my colleague Heikki’s dissertation party.

I think this must be the best picture of me since the one from Ulrika and Janne’s wedding (which is currently my facebook profile picture). And that picture is from 2007. It pays to have one’s hair done!

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