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Jaana’s karonkka

This Friday I had the pleasure of celebrating my former colleague, Jaana’s, PhD. It started with her defense and ended with the most beautiful dinner, in honor of her opponent Prof. Nakato. (And to my mother I would like to say that this was the fanciest karonkka I’ve ever attended – I will not be able to pull this off at my own defense, don’t worry!)

Here are some pictures from the party:

the dress!Jaana had the most amazing dress. True princess style!




The party was held at restaurant Kitzens where we were first treated to a four course dinner.


After the main course the speeches started. First Jaana gave speeches to every one present and then we had the opportunity to tell her how much we appreciate her. At the end I don’t think there was one dry eye in the restaurant.



My former boss Osamu gave a really nice speech and here he is handing Jaana a sushi set so that she can continue eating Japanese food even after she leaves the group.

group picture

Group picture. Jaana is standing in between her current colleague Petra and the opponent.

After the dinner we joined the after party where more people were gathered.


picture perfect


Jaana got some gifts from both present and former colleagues. Among others, a stuffed fruit fly, to remind her of what she has been working on, and a cancer cell that could heal itself, in honor of her future work as a postdoc.



Congratulations Jaana and thank you for inviting me to your lovely party!


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work stuff

Today was a less successful day at work.

Someone had left a rack from the DNA-lab in the RT-lab which prompted me to send this video to all my colleagues.

And our medical students didn’t get any product from their RT-reactions.

Course supervisor: Ida, tell us, what is the success rate for work done in the lab.

Me: He he, very low.

Which means I’m stuck with making RT-reactions for four different genes just so the students will have something to put in their lab-books. This was so what I wanted to do this week – NOT.

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Why Australia?

I got the opportunity to go to the congress of andrology held in Melbourne and after that I went to visit a lab at the university of Newcastle.

work 1

Here is Noora and Matteo at the conference center and in the background you see, yes you’re right, a row of penises. As this congress focused on both clinical as well as basic research there were lots of stands advertising things like penile implants. But the strangest one you see in the background. They even had a chair with heat lamps (like the ones you use for piglets) directed at the problem area. We were to scared to ask what it would be good for.

In Newcastle the autumn term was just starting and the campus was full of new students. It was like being in an American movie. You know the one where the students arrive to find a campus littered with clubs who wants to recruit them. There was everything from bible-groups and water polo teams to some strange pig club… I didn’t really get what that was about.

work 2 work 3Not a bad looking campus I must say!


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Went to Australia for work. The first city I visited was Melbourne. Here is my travel company.

1 australia


Matteo is doing his sexy pose while Juho finds it redundant – girls literally applaud him when he takes his shirt off.

Everyone in Melbourne thinks the city sucks and says that you should go to Sidney. Luckily I was on my way there so I could still take the time to enjoy this less favorable city.

Some pictures of the varied city landscape.

2 australien3 australien4 australien5 australien6 melbourne7 melbourne8 melbourne

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Just a regular Thursday

Brought my gymbag to work but should have known better. It’s like when you bring an umbrella and the sun keeps on shining – only the opposite.

Started laser capture microdissection today and as fun as it may sound, shooting a laser at tissue sections, it kind of looses its appeal after six hours. This is a before and after picture, just took me something like 15min…

IMG_0487   IMG_0489


Can you guess the tissue 🙂

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Things I like January

I have been laughing a lot lately

At this blog sanasta sanaan which could possibly be written by my twin.

At these series:

and this of course

And this twitter feed, #overlyhonestmethods, revealing the truth behind scientific experiments

Some of my favorites:

“Incubation lasted three days because this is how long the undergrad forgot the experiment in the fridge.”

“We used this method because the buffers don’t need to be pH-ed.”

“A Northern blot was run instead of realtime QPCR because the PI is old and does not trust results unless he sees a band.”

“Buffers were prepared with the stock solutions inherited from the PhD student who left the lab a couple of years ago.”

“Reactions were preformed at lab room temperature i.e. TOO DAMN COLD.”

I see myself in so many of these and it is truly scary.


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I attended my first board meeting of INYRMF in Münster, Germany. Spent the whole Friday in the city, together with this wonderful group of people.


We had a guided tour of the city. It had been completely rebuilt after WWII but was still modeled after the old street plan, as can be seen by comparing an old drawing with the current google map image.




In the evening there was a hot air balloon festival and we were lucky enough to have dinner in a garden close by.

Big thanks to Frank and his family for inviting us to their home and also to Ruth for organizing the program!

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