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And then there was light

Spring makes everything more visible, or less depending on how dirty your windows are. Mine are fortunately clean and have been so for one entire week, since it hasn’t been raining. Wonders above all wonders!!

I came to think of this when I saw that someone living opposite me had written a big “Moi!” on theirs…


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Hairy things

Today I realized that the hair on the back of a fruit fly looks exactly like eyelashes. See for yourselves:


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Always be my baby

I think I’m in love. Here is David Cook singing MC’s “Always be my baby”. I’m seriously thinking of going to I-tunes to get this one…

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I went to Tvärminne for two days of seminars with all the other developmental groups connected to Helsinki university. Tvärminne is one of the university’s zoological stations. It’s located quite close to Hangö in a beautiful area next to the sea.

I had a good time even though I, Shinya and Osamu were the only ones from my group to go there. And I’m probably two kilos heavier since I ate three whole meals the first day. We had food every two hours and people were starting to feel quite sick at the end.

Here are some pictures from my stay (and now you can even enlarge them if you want to…):

Shinya forgot to bring a pen and therefore ended up “borrowing” one of those that are attached to a holder.

However, before we even got to Tvärminne we went on the traditional bird-watching excursion to look at the swans that are gathered nearby. There were several dozens of swans swimming and flying all around us. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my good camera, and as the birds were so far off I wasn’t able to get a good picture of them. But the landscape was beautiful in itself!

And this was the first time that I saw wild kidneywort (blåsippa)!! Sooo pretty!

I went out for a walk, found a wonderful beach and decided to catch some sun.

And this one is for my mother!

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I sat next to Shinya on the way home from Tvärminne. We came to discuss many interesting things, among others the fascination for ghosts that all Asian people seem to share.

S. told me about a guy he knows that has the ability to feel spirits. This is something that I’ve encountered before in my talks with Asians, that they all seem to know someone who can sense when an evil spirit is nearby.

I guess that when you’re open for something you’re more likely to receive it. So if you believe in ghosts and spirits you’re more likely to get the gift of seeing them.

Although I do not know if this is a gift to strive and pray for…

I find it quite enough that I see them in my dreams 🙂

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It happens at night

Warning: this is going to be a very boring blog, it should only be read by other bored people or by those who already know me.

I have a very vivid imagination. During the day I can make myself believe that it’s kind of normal to make up little stories all the time, but it’s at night when it gets really creepy. Here are two of my latest dreams – in shorter versions:

(And I should also mention that I usually don’t dream about myself, and if I happen to be in my dream I’m usually trying to save the world…)

I dream about a Muslim boy. He’s around 12 years old and he has just arrived at a city in the desert. The city is made up by small white houses, all abandoned. The previous owners have left and now, homeless children are occupying the houses and streets. In the middle of town there is a big temple/palace-like building and surrounding it is a big open space and a wall/moat (vallgrav). Inside the temple there is evil things.

The boy decides, for no particular reason at all, that he is going to defeat the evil. He and the other kids attack the temple. Down the big stairs of the building then strides these ghost like creatures. They are dressed in some kind of white-beige armor with hoods. And at the same time as they exit the building a ghost dragon/spirit flies out through the door and up into the sky.

But the evil is defeated. From the moment the little brown eyed boy gets the idea of fighting the creatures you know that he is going to win.

(and another thing; I never have nightmares)


 My second dream:

There are some children walking on a deserted road. All around are empty cars with their doors flung open. (maybe you start to see a pattern here)

The kids find a mall where they settle down together with some adults. The funny thing is that the adults never communicate with the kids. This is something that takes me a really long time to realize. But when I do, I find that all children are dead and that they are small ghosts walking around the mall amongst all the living adults.

Ok, anyone who wants to take a shot at interpreting these for me??


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Birthday wishes

Shinya’s birthday is today and as usual Lisa made a beautiful card that all colleagues had to sign. Zhao had, in addition to his traditional “Happy Birthday” in Chinese, drawn a little spider-like thing on the card.

Shinya: What is that??

Zhao: It’s a fruit-fly.

Shinya: Where are the wings??

Zhao: I forgot…

That’s what happens when you stare at the little creatures all day long – you finally forget what they look like 🙂


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